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How To Improve Project Delivery in Construction Management

(This is a contributed post) In an ideal world for your construction business, all projects would run to time, e under budget, and go along smoothly so that they can finish perfectly. But of course, w know that we don’t live in an ideal world, and often there are things that do get in the […]

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Uncertainty of benefits versus costs

benefits vs costs

I think a lot about estimation. I used to do a lot of estimation with my teams. When the organisation I’m currently working for started doing agile, we did loads of estimation. We were constantly being asked for estimates. High-level estimates, low-level estimates, feature level estimates, story level estimates. We would spend a lot of […]

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Why agile projects need to fund BML properly

One of the key concepts from Eric Ries’ seminal book, the Lean Startup, is “Build Measure Learn”, or BML. This means that rather than deliver projects in a sequence, organisations should build something small, measure behaviour and learn from those measurements, then loop back and build again (i.e. extend or change the product). While many […]

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What does “project success” mean?

project success agile

A lot of people probably assume that identifying success for a project is simple. Well it actually is a bit more complex than you think. This article will outline the conventional way people see it, and then show that it has a lot of problems. And suggest some alternatives. What is project success? A few […]

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