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Uncertainty of benefits versus costs

benefits vs costs

I think a lot about estimation. I used to do a lot of estimation with my teams. When the organisation I’m currently working for started doing agile, we did loads of estimation. We were constantly being asked for estimates. High-level estimates, low-level estimates, feature level estimates, story level estimates. We would spend a lot of […]

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Why aren’t story points a unit of time?

Continuing on the theme of estimation, a common question that comes up is “so are story points a unit of time?”, usually followed a few seconds later by “Why not?”. People seem to want the abstract “story points” to become hours, days, or similar. The consensus in the Agile community, which I agree with (though […]

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Why not use velocity to compare teams?

So if you read my last post, you might be wondering, why not use velocity to compare teams? There are a number of problems with using velocity that way. Each team does their estimations in their own way Each team estimates the relative points for a set of stories against other stories they have already […]

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