3 Essential Tips for Aspiring Developers

Are you an aspiring developer? Do you intend to learn how to make a foothold in coding? Congratulations, you are in the right place! Being a developer is considered one of the most prestigious tech careers in 2020, a trend that’s expected to continue. There are many areas of specialty in software development that you can choose from. For example, you can learn back-end development, building desktop apps, mobile apps, or even explore virtual reality, etc. Coding is easy, but it might look intimidating to beginners. This quick guide will help set the ball rolling for you.  

Make sure you have a passion for coding.

You are going to spend hours on end learning how to code before you can become a developer. So, brace yourself for the challenge. To make this kind of time investment, you will need to be passionate about the process. It will get even better if you enjoy being creative and solving problems. Besides, while learning how to code, you will need to build many things and do the practice to attain perfection. It might sound like a cliché but you need to love what you do! 

Invest in a good computer

learn codingInvesting in a good computer for coding is inevitable, as that will be one essential tool. Coding will require you to install lots of software applications like IDEs. Some are quite heavy and your computer should run fast enough to make your coding experience top draw. Ideally, get a computer for coding that has enough space, a high processing speed, top rendering capabilities, etc. 

Additionally, you should ensure that both your computer software and hardware are well maintained to run smoothly. If you are using a Mac computer, for example, you should use the best cleaners in the market to help you handle any junk that will be taking up space and slowing down your computer over time. You can take a look at these ones and pick the best one for your Mac. Ensure that your computer is also secured by using tools like antimalware. Ultimately, you will have a nice coding experience if your computer is running smoothly. 

Set goals

Long gone are the days when you had to read volumes of books to learn how to code and eventually become a developer. Once you have a computer ready, you will just need to invest hours crafting your coding skills thanks to lots of resources online. To succeed at it, you need to set yourself a daily goal and be disciplined enough to stick to it. Make sure that you do not overdo it. Your coding goals should be:

  • Specific: You should define your specialty as a prospective developer. For example, you may want to be a front-end developer, web developer, or even back-end developer, etc.
  • Time-bound: Determine the time you should take to learn to code.
  • Measurable: Determine how you will measure your learning progress. 
  • Attainable: You should set goals that you will be in a position to achieve. In other words, do not be too ambitious in a way that you might fail to realize your goals. 
  • Realistic: Your learning goals should be achievable and should lead you towards being a developer. 

To attain these goals, you may divide them into bits based on the time you intend to learn. 

Wrap up

Your ambitions to become a developer are valid. Being a developer could be the career that will reward you big in 2020 and beyond. The beauty is that learning how to code is quite easy these days. There are lots of resources online. You can teach yourself and build a great career in tech! 

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