4 Steps to Retain your Customers during the COVID-19 Crisis

retain customers crisis(This is a contributed post)

If you’ve found yourself suddenly working from home, hunkered down during the COVID-19 crisis, you might be one of the many business owners wondering where your revenue is going to come from as this outbreak continues.  Things feel uncertain, and as the disease continues to devastate people’s lives and the economy, the very idea of trying to make money feels daunting. How can you increase your income during this time? 

  1. If customers aren’t sure if you’re operating right now, make it very obvious to them that you are. Not a fan of social media? It’s time to start using it now. Make sure you explain to customers how you’re addressing any issues by plastering it on your company’s Facebook, google page, and twitter. If you offer physical goods, also make sure your Instagram mentions it. Have a company website? You better! Make sure you have an update explaining how you’re dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak, and let customers know what they can expect. (If, for instance, you’re a restaurant with delivery only, make that obvious. 
  2. Make sure your customer service is fantastic. People are scared right now, and rightfully so. Be a voice of calm reason when they contact you. If your shipments are suddenly weeks behind, call or email those customers expecting orders to be delivered. Don’t forget the golden rule even during hard times; treat others how you want to be treated. Just a tip: this is true for all aspects of your life, not just your business. 
  3. Consider taking payments differently. Many services allow for 30-day or 60-day payment terms, but now might be the time to re-think that to keep your business successful. If you have offered a service with physical printed invoices for years, let your clients know that you will be switching to the payment due at the time of service. Use a digital card reader to make it as straightforward for the customer as possible, and send them the emailed receipt immediately. Not sure which phone you should be using in your business to accept payment easily? Check out this article about credit card readers for android vs iphone. Your customers may be reluctant or surprised at first, but this simple change can help you keep your employees and rent paid instead of waiting for that rolling 30-day payment.
  4. Is your time valuable? The answer is yes. If you have knowledge and time during this crisis, it might be time to use that to your advantage in the form of freelancing or consulting other people in a similar line of work. Advertise on your now active social media page that you’ll be offering a paid class or online consultations.  Check out skillshare to see how quickly you can get up to speed teaching others about subjects that you are an expert in. (While you’re at it, check out the vastness of topics they have!) If you can, involve your employees to help offer their knowledge as well. 

covid businessThe reality is this: without income, your business will not continue to succeed, and during hard times, you need to get creative so that you can continue to flourish in a very uncertain economy. Your employees will thank you, as will your customers. 

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