5 Benefits Of Google Adwords For Your Business

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Google Adwords is an incredibly useful tool for both small startups and large corporations. Utilised by millions of businesses worldwide, it allows a business to grow and reach a larger audience. An online platform that can be used to advertise your business, it’s important to know how to correctly use it in order to avoid any mistakes and to maximise the advertising spend. So what are the five main benefits of using Google Adwords for your business?

  1. It Can Automate Your Business Campaigns

A PPC advertising system, Google Adwords automation for digital agencies and other businesses help you decide when you want to run an ad. By allowing you to automate your ads, you can focus on other important tasks whilst your ads gain the attention of your customers. Running an ad 24/7 might not be beneficial to your company and Google Ads knows this. Showing you data on how your ads are performing and the days/times that are performing the best you can determine when to run the ads and whether to reduce the bid.

  2)    You Can Edit And Maintain Google Ads Scripts

A clever tool within Google Ads is the Google Ads Scripts. The scripts are pieces of Javascript code that allow a business to manage and control their campaigns better. Not only can they be automated, but they will allow you to make fewer mistakes, will send a notification if one of the campaigns have been paused, will automatically stop your campaign if you have run out of money for it, will inform you if your billing information is incorrect or the funds have no properly gone through, will allow you to delete disapproved ads and fix capitalization errors in your ads. They can be used on an array of campaigns, including shopping, video display and search campaigns.

 3)    Google Ads Will Allow You To Target Customers Through Two Networks

Google Ads also has the benefit of allowing businesses who use it, to target their customers through the Google Display Network and the Search Network. The Display Network will help you to engage with your target audience, whilst they are watching YouTube, on an app, browsing through some of their favourite websites etc. A more outbound form of marketing, it will showcase your ads alongside these platforms. The Google Search Network on the other hand targets users whilst they are online and searching for particular phrases and keywords. A form of PPC advertising, it will produce far more organic searches and is a more inbound form of marketing.

 4)   You Can Use It Alongside Your SEO Campaign

A key part of an SEO campaign is to allow your business to rank highly on Google for your business to appear above your competitors. In order to organically rank on Google, your business will have to put a lot of effort in, in order for your business to appear at the top. By using Google Adwords, you can identify what keywords to target, determine what the click-through rate will be and what your return on investment for the ad is.

 5)   Adwords Will Help You To Create A Campaign Based On Your Customers

An innovative feature of Google Adwords is that you can use it to target a particular demographic. For example, if you run a gardening business, you might want those of an older generation. This, of course, is just a generalisation but if your business does fall into a particular niche or does have a clear demographic, Google Adwords will help you to determine what the conversion rate is and see where the most traffic is coming from.

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