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5 Management Software Programs That Simplify Running a Small Business

5 Management Software Programs That Simplify Running a Small Business

Nobody ever said running a small business was easy—and if you’re a small business owner, you understand the challenges first-hand. From the ever-growing piles of paperwork to the hectic 10-hour days on the clock, there is plenty of hard work to be done should success be the end goal

business softwareToday, more and more businesses of all sizes are turning to business management software to streamline efficiency, predict risks, and get things done. The rapid pace at which entrepreneurs are turning to these digital programs simply goes to show how opportune they are, and how quickly they’re changing the landscape of business management.

What is business management software?

Business management software is an application or set of programs intended to improve and automate business processes. Not only do software programs assist small business owners in eliminating errors, but they also provide seamless support for increasing efficiency. In essence, business management software aims to provide a certain streamlined edge over traditional business-doings. Whether you’re in need of auto claims management software or bookkeeping automation, the right program can make a world of difference.

What are the top 5 business management software programs for small businesses?

1. Hubspot CRM

Finding the right customer relationship management can be difficult when you’re operating with limited resources and budget bandwidth. Hubspot’s free CRM software is an incredibly valuable tool that more business owners should know about. Equipped with powerful marketing and sales tools, Hubspot CRM is a great all-in-one solution for small businesses looking for adequate customer relationship management software.

Top features:

  • Manage your workflow with full accessibility and simple navigation 
  • E-mailbox syncing
  • Automated log sales activity
  • Integrated tools, data, and processes are readily available

2. Netsuite

Used by over 40,000 small and mid-sized businesses across the globe, Netsuite has earned a reputation as being one of the most useful and versatile business management tools to date. Not only is Netsuite incredibly easy to scale to your specific business needs, but it’s also user-friendly enough for start-up owners to dive in without missing a beat or scratching their heads.

Top features:

  • Streamlined project accounting, resource, and expense management
  • Flexible and customizable
  • Cloud-based, mobile-enabled, and social

3. Zoho One

software tools for businessHome to 40 useful business applications, Zoho One is a highly decorated business management software that features smart services, clever customization tools, and a slew of web and mobile integration apps that allow you to take charge of everything from your accounting to your marketing efforts. Go the extra mile with Zoho One by tapping into the HR, CRM, and sales tools.

Top features:

  • All-in-one features streamline all business management
  • Collaborate with colleagues via online document storage and cloud sharing
  • Automate personalized business workflows

4. StudioCloud

This award-winning business management software comes in three different tiers, each of which allows you to best scale your digital software to your business needs. Stocked to the brim with features designed to accommodate all of your everyday management demands, StudioCloud’s most advanced tier tops out at $65 per month—a reasonable price for the sheer number of features you’ll get.

Top features:

  • Manage clients, partners, and vendors with one application
  • Generate and distribute professional invoices
  • Manage employee commission, security, and schedules
  • Create targeted marketing campaigns
  • Easily customize the look and feel of your software

5. Evernote Business

Between project management, creative ideation, and team coordination, Evernote Business serves as the ultimate platform for taking your business dealing to the next level. Work better together with Evernote Business’ collection of data-keeping and workflow support. Plans tier out at Basic, Premium, and Business, offering more advanced features with each tier. However, for entrepreneurs looking for a bare-bones solution that’s still highly efficient, the free version will suffice.

Top features:

  • Team Spaces for sharing and collaboration
  • Unlimited connected users and devices
  • Review and restore previous versions of notes
  • Central admin console for permission management


With the right selection of business management tools in your small business’ arsenal, you’ll be better prepared to tackle your day-to-day dealings. Any of these 5 essential management tools will set you up for seamless success the moment they’re implemented into your regular business operations. Which of our suggestions will you try? Let us know in the comments below.

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