5 Reasons To Use The Cloud

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When it comes to business, the cloud has the potential to open up a whole new dimension of opportunities. The full range of services that cloud providers offer is huge and they come with a host of advantages to really help businesses thrive.

Cloud computing also offers benefits such as scalable storage for files, applications and other types of data and the extra bonus of saving time and money by removing the need to hire an IT team to manage it.

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What are the main advantages of using the cloud?

For data protection

This is easily one of the most important aspects for any business. Having the ability to move sensitive information into and throughout the cloud is essential for businesses to function and collaborate efficiently, quickly and freely – however, this ability must be supported by a fully equipped data protection strategy.

If businesses protect their data at the point of creation and before it enters the cloud, then they minimise the risk of a data breach and confidential information getting into the wrong hands.  By encrypting data at capture and protecting it throughout the entire lifecycle wherever it moves, data can be used safely across the system and the cloud without the need to encrypt and decrypt each time it enters different IT environments.

To allow your company to expand

Having premises and an infrastructure that involves being in a set location, can hold back a businesses prospects.  It can really mean the difference between a business being able to expand and become more flexible. As data is readily available, it means that there aren’t the restrictions that companies once faced – such as only being able to access information on-site.

It’s cost efficient

The cloud is often praised because of the fact that you only pay for what you use. By offering a single, comprehensive data protection platform can eliminate the threat of risky fines from compliance breaches or data loss, while also reducing the need to invest into multiple security tools. There are many business nbn plans available and can be tailored to the needs of the business.

Having the ability to access data anywhere

One of the main positives to the cloud is the access that it provides to businesses and their employees. The cloud can provide remote access to your whole infrastructure to anyone who has access, at any time of the day. It means that it’s great for keeping everyone up to speed in real time, especially when people need to access files that they may not have with them. Teams can still work as if they were in the office, but from their laptops and tablets instead.

In essence, when procedures are put in place correctly, cloud-computing offers numerous capabilities that can really push forward business innovation and encourage companies to upgrade their existing business models.

Ensuring regulations are complied with

By meeting the correct compliance measures, companies can not only ensure that their sensitive data is protected but it also can reduce their cost and overall risk in meeting and maintaining their regulatory compliance.

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