5 Tech Tips For Impressing Your Trade Show Audience

Trade shows have come a long way over the years. As an exhibitor, you have to think outside the box to set apart your booth and pull the crowds. Of course, the basics like banners and displays will always be there. But technology is a vital element in the mix today. Missing out on it means you may lose your audience to competitors having compelling tech elements in place. In fact, you must use them from start to end and even before and after the event. You will be in a better place to draw more traffic, engage with your potential prospects, and keep them hooked for the long haul. Here are some helpful tech tips to impress your audience.

Start early with social media contests

Impress your Trade Show audience

You can start the journey with event tech even before the show begins. Leverage social media promotions to set the pace for your presence. You can post interesting content to get people talking about the event. Even better, run social media contests because gaming and giveaways are always exciting for the audience. Be consistent with your posts to build interest and get the crowds churning for your booth when the event starts

Use a mix of traditional and digital information

Impressing the audience is also about doubling up on communication. The better it knows your brand and offerings, the more likely it will explore them further. Use a mix of traditional and digital information to attract them to the event. You can distribute attractive paper pamphlets and email digital brochures to customers and prospects. Pick the content and design with great care because they can make all the difference.

Invest in video displays

A winning trade show presence is entirely about acing the display game. Remember that you have to be visible in a big crowd, so think beyond the traditional exhibits. Take your Trade show exhibits to the next level with video displays. Videos have a compelling value, and people tend to pay more attention. But you must pick the content wisely with ideas like information about your brand, products, people, and areas of expertise. Besides display walls, consider placing video displays strategically around the venue.

Invest in an event app

If you can spend a bit on trade show marketing, consider investing in an event app for promoting your presence. Once the prospective visitors download your app, you have loads of opportunities to keep them hooked. Send reminders, play games, run contests, and show teasers to engage with them before, during, and after the show. You may even convert them into loyal customers for a lifetime.

Offer free Wi-Fi

Everyone loves freebies, and you can get creative with them by offering free tech at your next trade show. Giving free and secure Wi-Fi to visitors is a great idea. They will be happy to spend more time around your booth. You can even use the idea for lead generation by asking the audience to provide their contact details to access free Wi-Fi. Follow them up later to boost sales and revenues.

Trade show tech need not burn a hole in your wallet, but it can play a vital role in pulling the crowds to your booth. Try these ideas to win the event game!

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