7 Print Materials That Your Company Needs

A lot of business owners or self-employed individuals are missing an incredible opportunity for themselves, and it isn’t even some new or little-known marketing strategy. In fact, it’s something that has been around for longer than any of us have been alive. We’re talking about print, and it has become so underutilized in the digital age that those who understand how to use it are getting a virtually untapped avenue of advertisement or brand awareness material. Here are seven must-have items for any business or organization:

A Logo

This is the very first thing that you need to develop if you are getting serious about any venture involving a company, brand, or identity. People always need a symbol or image that pops into their mind when they hear the name. Perhaps you or a coworker or employee has an idea? If not, a print fulfillment company will many times have employees that can design or co-design these types of materials.  

Business Cards

print materialsNext, you will need business cards. It doesn’t matter if you are an internet company of one with no physical address. Every person you meet is some type of potential business contact. You never know who you may run into that can do things to help you improve your business, as well as refer customers your way. 

Company Letterhead

You will need something official and professional in appearance to give your organization a legitimate feel to it. When communications are exchanged in an unprofessional or generic manner, it gives off the impression of being unorganized or poorly managed.

Give-Away Marketing Material

Every smart marketer or entrepreneur knows that you always need some free stuff (with your business/contact info on it) to leave behind with potential clients or give out at promotional events or local gatherings. Obviously, your logo would be printed on them as well, increasing brand exposure and recognition.

Custom Calendar

This is a timeless classic. And since everyone under the sun has a calendar in their work computer, a calendar in their personal/laptop computer and daily planners in their tablets and phones, fewer and fewer businesses are using them as a resource. 

This is a wasted opportunity because many people still like to hang paper calendars in their offices or workspaces. Desk calendars with larger writing spaces are still great for salespeople, executives, and anyone else who needs a space to write on at any given moment.

Promotional Material

Something else that goes along with several things already mentioned (but belongs in a different category) is event or topic-specific promotional and informational material. This is usually more in-depth descriptions of products or services that you may offer. It can also be for special events, charity partnerships, or any other type of big announcement or presentation. 

Signs and Banners

And all of these other accessories and benefits mean very little if people can’t locate you. Signs to let people know where you are at when they are looking for you, as well as banners and signs nearby when they are trying to find you, are still more reliable than even GPSs.

Don’t underestimate the power of print! Take a look at our print materials above and think about what would work best for your business. 

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