Build Better Travel Apps with Agile

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Travel opportunities may have been curtailed over the past few months, but the industry is about to be inundated with customers eager to travel domestically and internationally. For savvy entrepreneurs and business owners, the increased demand means now is the perfect time to create travel-related apps. 

However, developing a profitable app can be tricky, which is why it’s important to take a strategic approach. To find the best methodologies for your new venture, take a look at the reasons why Agile helps you to build better travel apps:

  1. Designed for Software Development

travel agileAgile was originally designed to facilitate software development, which makes it the perfect type of product management tool to use to create new apps. Although there are distinct differences between apps and software, Agile frameworks, such as SAFe, LeSS or Spotify, easily support travel app development too. 

While organizations across all industries now use Agile to optimize performance, its roots in software development make it perfectly placed to facilitate app creation and development. 

  1. Consistent Improvements

Creating an app which works perfectly across all devices and delivers everything a user could want is virtually impossible, particularly as consumer needs and behaviour changes all the time. If you wait until your app is perfect to launch it, you could be waiting forever.

Fortunately, Agile methodologies encourage you to launch at a time when you can deliver value to your customers but to consistently enhance and optimize the functionality and features of your app. With Sprints or Iterations, you can release updates to eliminate bugs, enhance the performance and increase the value of your travel app. 

  1. Maximize Value

The travel sector is a crowded marketplace, which means you’ll face a fair amount of competition when launching your app. If you want to outperform your competitors in the travel or passenger transportation industry, you’ll need to deliver more value to users than they do. With Agile, you can do just that. 

Delivering maximum value is a key tenant of the Agile mindset, so it will be baked into your app from start to finish. Furthermore, testing a critical element of Agile project management, which means your travel app will be subject to rigorous quality assurance processes before being made available to the public, thus increasing the value you can deliver. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction

When you are creating a brand new travel app using Agile portfolio, project or product management tools, the customer remains at the centre of the process. This ensures that every decision you make takes the end-user into account. Many developers get caught up in the creative process and forget about what the end-user really needs or wants. With Agile, however, you can ensure that the customer remains a top priority at every stage. 

Becoming Agile

Agile methodologies can seem complicated at first glance but, when broken down, they’re easy to apply to any project or product. With proven benefits, choosing to become Agile can transform your business or organization and lead to increased commercial success and higher profitability. 

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