Could Saving The Planet Also Save Your Business Money?

saving the planet

There’s no greater threat facing our planet currently than that of the environment and the march of climate change, so it’s little wonder it’s having a huge effect on the practise of business in almost every single industry. From increased legislative pressure from international governments to the large role of consumer preference for greener organisations, everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the responsibility every business, from blue-chip corporations to SMEs, has to play in taking more eco-friendly measures and helping to safeguard our environmental legacy for future generations. Whether it’s from the viewpoint of short-term self-interest or longer-term survival, becoming greener in your business practise makes sense – and it has another huge bonus, in that it can also save and make your organisation money and help it to grow. Read on to find out how you could not only be making the planet a better place but saving money for your company in the process.

The Paperless Revolution

Ever since email entered the workspace, going paperless has started to make a lot more sense. In 2019, we have all the resources and tools we need in order to make that a reality in our businesses. There is very little reason for your company to use paper and produce paper waste with the right software at hand. Not only can you save the expense of purchasing paper for your business, but of what paper there is, a greater amount is becoming sourced from recycled and sustainable sources. This has massive benefits for the environment, but going paperless can also save your business time. Cloud based document platforms, collaborative software and a strong CRM system cut down on admin time, representing another saving you can benefit from. They also promote an integrated, smooth customer experience. This is more likely to make for happy customers who come back time and again – therefore also adding to your profits.

Auditing Your Waste

A great step in your journey to becoming more environmentally conscious is to conduct a waste audit for your business – or call in a professional environmental consultancy who can suggest some new ways to cut your negative impact down. From adding better recycling facilities in staff break rooms, to reducing the amount of packaging your products use or even steps like using balers to compact waste from your production processes, you’ll find there’s generally scope to do a lot more. And this can also have an effect on your business bottom line. By paying less for waste storage and disposal by compacting and recycling more you can instantly make a cost saving.

Furthermore, considering creative packaging design ideas that minimize material usage and prioritize functionality while still being visually appealing can lead to packaging that’s both eco-friendly and aesthetically appealing to consumers.

Lowering Your Utility Costs

The cost of your utilities is a pretty big chunk of your business overheads, so reducing the amount you use makes sense for the planet and for your operational budget. Simple changes like switching to low-energy LED bulbs or having motion sensors fitted that automatically switch lights on and off is a great place to start. Going back to simply opening windows rather than relying on air conditioning units is another. This has the double benefit that most air conditioning systems in offices actually spread germs, so you may well also be creating a healthier workforce and less sick days, which will also add to your profit.

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