Encouraging Your Staff To Take Care Of Their Company Car

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Just like a tidy home and office is a tidy mind, a tidy and hygienic vehicle can benefit you in many ways you might not realize. Not only is this simple good practice, but it can help your mind stay focused when driving. It can also allow you to feel less anxious when giving lifts to friends or colleagues. Not only that, but it teaches you a respect for your vehicle, meaning that you’ll be much less likely to treat it poorly and therefore have to have things repaired.

However, knowing just how to stay hygienic in your car can sometimes be confusing. Dirt, crumbs and litter can seemingly pile up in your vehicle overnight, and this only leaves you feeling as though this is a chore you have to attend to at least three days a week. But there are simple practices you can take to keep this need much less annoying than it might have been otherwise. Maintenance is also essential to consider.

All of this is also applicable when offering a company car policy to your staff. Remember, this is a privilege they are experiencing, not a right. To that end, you have the right to exercise certain handling policies as part of this fair agreement.

To that end, it’s best to consider our following advice:

Illustrate Its Worth

It’s important for your staff to know just how important the vehicle is, and how this is a privilege and not a right. To this you might show its value, how much maintenance you are willing to invest, and what they might be responsible for, such as its fuelling during travel that is not oriented around work. Understand and show how the car finance rates are an investment on your part for the employee’s best success. They will appreciate it.

Develop An Understanding

Drawing up an incentive program can be a great idea to help them take care of the vehicle. Once every three months the vehicle could be inspected by your dedicated staff for scratches, bumps, restorative work or changes to the interior. This might suggest your staff has encountered a difficult accident or bump and has failed to report it, instead opting to hide the damage. However, if you are able to reward good driving and no insurance claims, you might give them a bonus at the end of the year. If they are forthright about certain issues they experienced on the road, you may also give them a bonus for being honest, or potentially discipline them correctly. Be regular and consistent in your approach.

Opt For Quality

If you opt for a quality company car, something that can be their daily driver, give them good fuel economy and something that keeps them safe, they will be more likely to take care of it as opposed to lending them something they do not enjoy driving. After all, sometimes the experience is worth just as much as the gesture.

With these tips, you’re sure to encourage your staff to take care of their company car.

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