Finding The Job You Really Want

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There are many reasons why you could be on the job hunt. Perhaps you’re looking for your first job, you’ve been let go or you’ve simply outgrown your current position and company. Whatever the reason is, you’ve got a great opportunity ahead of you right now to find a job that you love and really go for it.

But finding a job you love is easier said than done, so here are some great tips to help you find the job you really want and get your career on the right track.

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Think about what you want to do

Looking for a new job gives you the perfect opportunity to stop taking any old job and finally doing something you love. Is there a certain industry you’d like to work in? Or a job you think could be interesting and exciting?

Consider what your strengths are and what your interests are. This can help you find something that you’re suitable for, while also being passionate about what you do. You can get ideas for different jobs and industries by reading career blogs, which often have some excellent profile pieces to give you inspiration.

Build up your skills and experience

To put yourself in the best position for applying for jobs, you need to work on your skills and experience. There are plenty of great ways you can build your skills to make your resume stand out. Taking online courses and attending seminars and workshops will teach you a lot, and many of these opportunities will be free too!

If you’re looking for more experience, consider shadowing others or taking on short-term internships. Reaching out to organisations is easier than you think, and you never know where these initial opportunities could lead. Speak to friends and family about their workplaces, there could be work experience positions available that will help you develop some confidence while also getting a better grasp of what an industry is like.

Reach out to agencies

Even with the volume of jobs that are advertised online, it can be difficult to find the right fit. An employment agency can be a good way to find a specialist job or a role in a specific industry, and can do a lot of the leg work for you. Instead of wasting your time applying for roles you’re not suited to or are facing a lot of competition for, an agency could help you get the right role.

Consider starting a side hustle

If you’re finding it difficult to land the role that you want, why not create it for yourself? Starting a side hustle is a good way to generate some income while you’re job hunting, and could even turn into your full-time career if you find something you’re good at. If you love writing, for example, becoming a blogger or a copywriter can be a fantastic side hustle that could become a full-time, freelance role. A side hustle enables you to work on skills you might not get the chance to in a typical role, so it could be an excellent way to build up your work experience to get you that important interview.

Clear up your online profile

Heard the story about a friend of a friend who was turned down for a job because their Facebook profile was full of photos of them doing body shots on a beach somewhere? The details may be slightly different, but the story’s message is the same: social media could harm your job prospects. It’s not a new-age myth, it’s the truth, and more and more employers are using social media as a way to gauge whether or not an individual is the right fit for their company.

So what can you do? Clear up your act. There are several ways that social media could damage your career, so protect yourself against them. Make your accounts private, remove incriminating photos and statuses and project the professional image you want employers to see. It’s a good idea to turn off automatic tagging, giving you control over what appears on your profile.

While your social media accounts are your own personal online platform, they can work against you, so always tread carefully when you post online.

Get networking

Networking events are something that many people dread, but if you’re serious about the job hunt – they could be the place to be for you. Keep an eye out for networking events near you – there’ll be all kinds from young professionals to industry-specific events that are worth attending to make some contacts and put the feelers out for any jobs that might be coming up. It’s perfectly normal to be nervous at these types of events, but with practice, you’ll be able to shine at your next networking opportunity.

Don’t forget about online networking too. If you’re not already on LinkedIn, create a profile and get going – it could lead to some exciting job prospects.

Practice your interview technique

Landing an interview is a great achievement, but the next hurdle is pulling it off. Interviews are without a doubt the most daunting part of the job hunt, with many people failing to get jobs because nerves have got the better of them. The solution is to practice your interview technique as much as possible so that you can learn how to structure your answers, as well as communicating clearly and confidently.

You can also practice with an interview coach to help you feel more confident and get useful feedback about where you’re going wrong. They say that practice makes perfect, and with the right opportunity, things will fall into place.

The job hunt is never an easy one, but if it were easy, wouldn’t everyone be in their dream role? Perseverance is important, as well as some self-belief that you can do it. By working on your skills and working on yourself, you’ll be able to demonstrate that you’re just what an employer needs for the job.


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