Four Renovation Projects To Add Value To Your Home

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With a limited home renovation budget, you want bang for your buck in terms of resale value. These renovations are sure-fire ways to increase the value of your home without spending a fortune.

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Prioritise Repairs

While you may be drawn to larger projects like a kitchen refit or floor replacement, don’t neglect the basic cosmetic and structural repairs that add value to your home. This might sound like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised how often people rush to do a home office refit before fixing that leak in the kitchen roof. Not a good look when the estate agent brings potential buyers around!

Central Heating Upgrade

Updating your central heating system is a failsafe way to boost your home’s value. Older homes have many charms, but the lack of central heating is not one of them. Many newer houses have dated central heating systems that are not the most efficient or effective. An added bonus that comes with revamping the central heating is that you will save money on energy bills down the line. An energy efficient central heating system is a great selling point, as buyers are always looking to future costs.

Add a Dreamy Loft

Converting your loft might be one of the more expensive home renovation projects, but if you do it right, it should increase the value of your home more than enough to make up for that initial outlay. Typically, your loft conversion is going to add accommodation space (for example, it could increase the number of bedrooms listed for your property) but it will reduce living space slightly, as you’ll need a staircase. This is a worthwhile sacrifice, though. Extra accommodation adds significant value when it comes to resale, and if your home is fairly spacious, you may not even miss that extra living space. Getting sufficient natural light is one of the top challenges of loft conversions, so you might need to get creative with aluminium windows or dormers. You shouldn’t need planning permission for a loft conversion because you are repurposing the existing volume of your home. However, if your property faces a highway, it is worth checking with planning experts before adding dormer windows, as some other rules may apply.


Revamp Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathrooms, a hygienic and fresh looking bathroom is the bare minimum for buyers to feel positive about a property. However, a few small additions to your bathroom can add that little bit of luxury that ultimately turns the buyer’s head. A fresh coat of paint, ideally a light and neutral shade, can lend a sense of light and spaciousness to a previously dingy space, and getting creative with lighting options can be an inexpensive improvement. For example, try replacing your pendant light with a triple halogen spotlight.

Whether you’re updating your home for your own comfort or you’re looking to climb that property ladder, it makes sense to do your homework before making any pricey improvements. These projects will add value to your home, ensuring that your work pays off when it comes time to sell.

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