Hidden Features Of a Mac To Make Your Virtual Experience Better

It doesn’t matter if you have recently bought a mac or have been using it for many years; there are numerous tricks and hacks that you might not know about. And what is better than learning a few things that make your virtual life a lot better and easier?

Here we have come up with the tricks of a Mac that you might be unaware of. Keep reading to know these hidden features and get the best experience.

Simplify the view of the internet

Are you among the ones who usually face distraction from advertisements while browsing the internet? We are here with the solution!

The Safari web browser can actually hide these distractions and let you focus on a given webpage. To start with, click on the “Safari menu” and hit on “preferences.” From here, open the “reader” tab in the drop-down list, find “when visiting other websites,” and finally select “on.” This will enable the minimal-view reader mode.

Automatically add events from mails

If you often forget about dinners and parties, then macOS can help you with that too. When someone emails you about any special event, your device automatically adds that event to the calendar.

To get this feature to work, open Mail. Click on “Mail” at the top of the screen. Select “preferences.” You will witness a general tab. Here you will see the option of “Add invitations to the calendar automatically.” Turn it on. Any email with the date and time will now receive a calendar banner on the top. It will pose you a question of whether you want to add that event to your schedule.

Don’t let others install any application

Do you share your system with others? If yes, then don’t allow them to install any application on your device.

Why is this so? Because it can act as a threat and prove riskier for your system. Want to know how to remove malware from mac instantly? Here is the answer – get a troubleshooting app for your Mac to remove the malware immediately. Virus or malware can step into your system if the person installing it is not aware of the tidbits of which application to install. Hence, safeguard your system first.

Another way to get rid of this is to password protect the system so that nobody could install any application without entering the password. For this, go to the app store. Now, select the “Password Settings,” turn on the “Always require” and “Require Password.” Now take a sigh of relief as nobody can install any application on your device without a password.

Disable the autoplay feature

Autoplaying the videos and advertisements make the internet quite distracting. Do you know that you can get rid of this autoplaying completely? Let’s see how:-

Go to “Safari.” Select “Preferences” and then head towards the tab of websites.

Now, you will see the “Auto-play” button. Click on that. Go to the drop-down menu. Here, you can stop the audio and videos from playing automatically. Moreover, you can completely block the videos that have sound in them.


The above-mentioned list of useful settings can help you steer clear of the unnecessary distractions while browsing your mac. Therefore, take these settings into account, and you will surely get the best computing experience.



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