How Does Your Business Celebrate Itself?

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There are millions of guides on the internet dedicated to the progress of best business practice. How to hire correctly, how to systemize and optimize your processes, how to improve synergy, how to be a competent leader, how to make it through a bad trading period, how to take your business public, how to deal with suppliers, how to keep your digital services secure all sound like an exhaustive list of business considerations, but that’s nowhere near the truth. In reality, all of those ‘how to’ guides just listed barely scratch the surface when it comes to running a business. However, it’s worth using them, some of them you can even find on our website.

But how many blogs wish to tell your business how it can celebrate itself? What might the benefits of doing this be for your firm in the first place? Why aren’t more people talking about this topic? For all that and more, consider the following article:


First things first, why would you want your business to celebrate itself? Surely that could come across relatively self-aggrandizing and unpalatable for most people? Well, of course it depends how you do it. However, celebrating your business shows that you believe in yourself. It shows that you have something to celebrate in the first instance. It also generates hype around your product.

As a business you should be accurate with what you’re promoting, but you must never sell yourself short. The legendary boxer and household name Muhammad Ali once said that if he didn’t continue to tell people he was the greatest, it would have been difficult for people to come to that conclusion on their own, even if they respected his continual performance. With this in mind, we can see why a business celebrating itself can implant that idea that yes, you are the best. Through one slogan, Gillette and their ‘best a man can get’ marketing promotion somehow managed to work itself out to be one of the top shaving brands in the world, through virtue of promotion alone. Celebrating your business is important, so consider the following means to make that happen:


Branding is the vehicle in which your entire package is delivered. It’s important to curate this to such a point that it seems perfect to you. From the website design agency you use, the strength of the graphic design outfit you foster, finding the most perfect, intelligent name for your business and even ensuring all of your documents fit the same uniform yet flexible template, branding can help your firm seem cohesive, professional, and here to stay. Through the use of your corporate vision, the excellence of it’s visual design and many more factors, a business can promote itself by simply existing. Branding matters, and often a customer will choose not between the company that offers the greatest value or range of products to them, but the one in which they feel connected to. Apple is the perfect example of this. Just look how their clean, simplified, minimalist design truly contributed to their following. You can benefit much in the same way if you put your mind to it.


The history of your firm can be something to celebrate. Let’s say you’re a small whisky operation, and can trace your family roots back to when your grandfather in Ireland took great personal risk to establish his brand with all of the savings he had and a dream. Now, that’s a good story. You should tell it. Via your website, your advertising campaigns or maybe even a little description on each and every bottle of whisky itself, you have managed to seal a sense of familiarity in your audience, something they can connect to. But be sure to keep them as:

Part Of The Story

It’s essential to ensure that your firm celebrates its customers in equal measure. Perhaps send letters, emails, or inserts in the products you sell deeply thanking them for that purchase, and how they are now part of the life of your firm. You might reward random customers for engaging with a promotion, run competitions for some, or offer discounts thanks to repeatedly loyal purchasing. Helping them feel part of your story can help loyal customers become lifetime customers, and regular customers become loyal customers. Then, you tap into the greatest trick of all, and that’s the ability to have your customers celebrate your firm in equal measure.

With these simple tips, your business is sure to celebrate itself and be celebrated through and through.

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