How To Make Your Health Care Facilities Patient Centered

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If you are planning on starting a health care business, it is important that you focus on the needs of your future and potential patients. You will need to address their needs better than your competition, so you can maximize your profits and improve your reputation through surveys and reviews. The environment you provide to your employees and your visitors will communicate how much you value them. Below you will find a few tips on how to create a patient centered health care facility.

Catering for Handicapped Patients

You must address diversity, and accommodate the needs of handicapped patients and employees, too. Adding a ramp to the entrance and an escalator is essential. You should also have a receptionist who is trained at providing transport and support to people with mobility issues. Adding a few seats that can accommodate the needs of patients with disabilities can help you look after your visitors better.

Special Needs Assessment

It is also crucial that you assess the individual needs of each patient. Train your staff to get to know every person, and learn as much as they can about their preferences, limitations, and health issues. Sharing information among staff will improve your patients’ satisfaction and the value you offer to your community.

Safety and Security

dental waiting room

Dental waiting room 20180918

It is crucial that you make the healthcare facility a safe space to work in and a place where everyone feels supported. You need to design the space with the needs of employees and visitors in mind. Create a reception area that is welcoming and allows your employees to see what is happening in every room, as well as the waiting rooms. You want to check that everyone is comfortable and catered for regularly.


You will also have to make communication among staff and with patients easy. It might be a good idea to talk to Levitch about the different furniture and seating area designs, so you can find the one that fits your space and your patients’ needs the most. Having a check in system and a display screen where you can invite patients through will make your work as a health care provider more effective.  


examination room

When people are not feeling well and they have to wait to see somebody about their health issues or immediate needs, they tend to be impatient and more irritable. That is why you will need to do everything to keep them happy and content. Get a water cooler installed and offer reusable glasses, as well as vending machines with healthy snack options. You might also install a TV or a few interactive computers for young patients who would like to complete a few tests while waiting. Play a few educational videos to empower your patients to take charge of their health.

Starting a healthcare business is not without challenges. It is important that you consider the needs of your employees and patients, and create a positive and supportive environment for them to improve their commitment and experience.

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