How To Manage Your Stress As An Entrepreneur

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(This is a contributed post)

Societies often celebrate the idea of the entrepreneur. It’s not hard to see why. They are often seen as creative hubs of innovation, those who are willing to take their dreams and run with them. There’s something we see in the entrepreneur that reminds us of ourselves, and perhaps that potential idea we hope to run with one day. 

However, entrepreneurs do not transform into some kind of demigod simply because they have an idea and are willing to run with it. We can add a strange mythos to the life of an entrepreneur and forget that actually, they are just people like us. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s important to know that managing your stress as an entrepreneur is essential to your success.

We often think someone who works 100 hour weeks is somehow superior to someone who works less but also factors in their mental health. We think of those entrepreneurs who act forcefully with their ambitions rather than using creative paths forward such as money-saving with Valedoo. We would say that perception is wrong. Let us try and undo some of that damage with the following advice. Hopefully, you might make some headway for the better:

Live Healthily

Unfortunately, you cannot burn the candles at both ends and expect to be successful. You have very simple choices to make. Are you married to your ambitions? Or are you happy to drink, go out, take weekends off, and party? Of course a solid work/life balance is absolutely essential to keeping your head in the game, but it also means getting rid of your vices and focusing on healthy living outside of your job. This is because it will be demanding to put so many hours in and to build something from nothing. 

You cannot simply do that and also enjoy a social life every night, or indulge in your vices. Ensure your sleep is great, your diet is impeccable and nourishing, you use the best supplements to keep your head in the game, and that you live as healthily as possible to see yourself move forward to a goal that makes sense to you. In essence, through this effort you will be making things much, much easier for yourself. And that’s incredibly important.

Give Yourself Time To Think

It is not uncommon for entrepreneurs to become quite bull-headed about the direction they will take and the plans they will put into practice. We couldn’t blame them, they’re just working hard towards their goals. But if you find yourself in this position, remember, sometimes it’s not just hard work that allows you the future benefit you’re looking for. It’s also important to give yourself time to think, to read around a subject, to think laterally. When you give yourself this mental pause, the best ideas can come. For example, we’d recommend taking a morning walk to yourself. This way, you can think over issues in your life and often come to innovative ideas.

Don’t Chase Success At Any Cost

Measure yourself. Consider when and how you might be harming yourself or others in the scope of success. Sometimes, you might make a decision that you cannot undo, and that can feel awful. When you choose not to chase success at any cost, you have more of a chance that things will work out healthily. And this will reduce your stress.

With these tips, we hope you are better able to manage stress as an entrepreneur.

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