How You Can Help The Essential Workers

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If you’re looking to do something to make a difference during this global pandemic, then helping out the essential workers is extremely important. If your business is in a position to do this, then it can make a massive difference to those who need it. So what can you do to help out those who are on the front line and putting their lives at risk during this difficult time?

Essential Items

essential workersMany essential workers can’t get to the shops right now to pick up basic items. You could put together a care package of a variety of things such as tinned foods, pasta, ready-meals cleaning wipes, tissues, disinfectant spray, toilet paper, and a few treats. Put them together in a nice tote bag from, and you’ll make an essential worker’s day. 

Food delivery gift cards

With many people working over-time or longer hours than they normally would so that they can deal with the pandemic, it would be really nice to get them some nice food so that they don’t have to come home and slave away in the kitchen. You can give a gift card for a food delivery service so they can treat themselves to a nice takeaway. 

Activities to entertain their kids

Many essential workers are also parents and might be trying to look after their kids when they’re not at work, or they might be separated from their children due to the coronavirus outbreak. It would be great to send their kids some stuff to keep them busy or just to cheer them up. It just means its one less thing for essential workers to worry about.  

Bath products

Who doesn’t live a nice relaxing bath and especially after a long day at work? If anyone needs this right now, it’s essential workers. Gift them some much-needed bath accessories like bath bombs and bath salts so they can go home and treat themselves and feel relaxed and ready to be heroes again the next day.

Streaming service subscriptions

While everyone else is making the most of the time at home and sitting back and relaxing in front of the TV, the poor essential workers are missing out. After dealing with the public all day and night, going home and watching a good TV show could be exactly what they need, so why not treat them to a subscription to one of the popular streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, or Disney+, they’ll be very grateful for the much-needed stress relief.

Uber gift certificates

Essential workers who use taxis or public transport to get to work would love a gift certificate to ease the burden of their daily commute.  You can give an Uber gift voucher that could see them through for a week’s worth of getting to and from work and will really show you care. 

Things to look forward to

Essential workers might not have the time right now to enjoy themselves, and there’s nowhere for them to go anyway. However, you could give them something to look forward to for when this is all over, such as a gift voucher for an attraction or nice day out. 

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