Is There Value in Local IT Support?

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If you’ve worked in the IT industry for any amount of time then you’ll know just how convenient remote and cloud-based services are. Computer experiencing some issues? Just install TeamViewer and let a specialised technician take control over your computer to fix the issue. Need to configure a new server? Give your managed IT services provider a call and they can do it without even needing to leave the office.

The convenience of remote IT support can’t be overlooked, especially if you’re a growing business. But if that’s the case and remote support is proving to be the dominant way to provide IT services, why are local IT companies still thriving?

Local Visits Are Important

it supportMany businesses don’t make use of remote software such as TeamViewer, and they wouldn’t even understand how to install or use it. Instead, they much prefer a traditional approach of having an engineer visit them in person. This allows them to speak with the professional, ask questions and also see that work is being done on their systems. This is why local business IT support is so important despite how popular remote services are. If it’s something local such as a bakery or bookstore, there’s a good chance that they need to rely on local IT services that actually send specialists out to fix hardware, repair computers and so on. This is what makes local visits so important for IT companies.

Building Relationships

One of the disadvantages of remote IT support is that you rarely ever get to interact with the person on the other side. You might be randomly assigned a technician that fixes your problem and then disappears. Sure, it’s convenient to get assistance over the internet, but you never get to know those people and there are no opportunities to build relationships. One of the advantages of working with local IT support companies is that you’re able to build healthy working relationships and partnerships. This gives many companies more confidence in the IT services that they’re hiring and greatly increases customer satisfaction. It also helps them understand your business better so that they can tailor their services to your exact needs. In other words, you feel less like “any other client” and more like a valued customer that is offered customised services that are unique to your exact needs.

Let’s face it; not all businesses make use of remote services and advanced technologies. In fact, most local businesses don’t even make much use of computers, especially if they’re a humble bakery or retail store. There’s still a very high percentage of business owners that operate purely with traditional business methods, only relying on computers when absolutely necessary. Local IT companies bridge the gap between them and more advanced processes, giving them access to newer services and hardware that can help grow their businesses.

However, most local businesses don’t need such powerful hardware or services, hence why there’s an entire market dedicated to providing a light level of local IT support.

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