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Marketing Made Easy: Simple Tricks When You’re Pressed for Time

(This is a contributed post)

Need a marketing spruce-up but can’t seem to find the time? We’ve all been there. We’re you’re in business, there’s always room for improvement when it comes to promotion, advertising and marketing, but with other responsibilities always coming up to the plate first, often we put those efforts on the backburner. Luckily, there are a few easy to implement tools of the trade to boost your marketing efforts and keep your business or company always at the forefront with the best PR, advertising and/or promotions, without having to really lift a finger. 

We’ve outlined three of these simple tricks below. 

The Local Angle

marketing tricksIf you own a small and/or local business, the key to any kind of real success is to “get in good with the locals”. You should be doing this anyway, as supporting your fellow businesses will only mean good karma for you, and of course you want to support others’ endeavours. But engaging with local businesses and clients as much as you can will create brand recognition and a familiarity you simply cannot create artificially. 

Engaging locally can be as simple as connecting with fellow business owners by buying your coffee at the local coffee shop, or holding meetings at local restaurants or bars. Bring your clients to local shows and productions. Sponsor the local little league team or elementary school with their charity events. You can even work with other businesses to create joint products that appeal to a larger base of local customers. 

Engaging at the local level will help grow your business more than you think. When people see you supporting others, they’ll support you in turn. 

Hiring Marketing Pros

You’re busy putting your everything into your business. You don’t always have the time to tweak your marketing efforts to perfection. We get that. 

Why not hire a professional to help you boost your marketing into the stratosphere? Wouldn’t it be nice to delegate that aspect of your business to a seasoned professional so you can concentrate on more pressing matters? 

Hiring a team of pros to handle things like SEO, advertisements, analytics, apps/sites, and the other aspects of PR and advertising can really make a huge difference. These experienced teams know the ins and outs of marketing and their targeted campaigns will get you real results. Reputable companies like SEO copilot and others are a great way to handle marketing with aplomb without having to split your own focus. 


It doesn’t have to be a complete overhaul, but giving your logo or graphics the old spruce-up can make a bigger difference than you think. Giving clients and customers something new and shiny to look at will catch their eye and make them remember you. It’s a really simple, easy way to get people talking about you without much effort. 

This is another thing you can outsource, too – you can find a host of talented graphic designers and artists online or locally to help you with design, and the finished result will look fantastic. If you’d rather try it yourself, many sites and apps are free or very cheap online, with an easy-to-use, intuitive platform. 

These are just a few easy ideas to polish up your marketing without having to spend too much time or money that are guaranteed to get you results, quick. 

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