Polycom Video Conferencing Equipment for 2021

Video conferencing has become an important part of our world today. Every business that wants to succeed in this day and age must consider investing in video conferencing equipment – especially now when most employees are working remotely. 

Purchasing Polycom Video Conferencing equipment is a great option for every business that’s looking to buy new teleconferencing paraphernalia or replacing old equipment. Polycom is a global leader in this sector since it has been creating such solutions for decades. In this article, we discuss the best Polycom video conferencing equipment for 2021 so that you can determine if it will work for you.

Here are the top 5 Polycom video conferencing equipment for 2021:



videoconferencingThis is arguably the best of Polycom video conferencing equipment. It comes with a camera that uses facial recognition to follow the conference participants and keep them in frame. It also has a microphone, power supply, remote, cables and the 700-1080 codec. It comes with inbuilt video conferencing software like Zoom and BlueJeans and has an incredible in-depth collaboration feature. It is good for larger rooms with many participants that need complicated equipment. It has a noise block that keeps background noise at a minimum, as well as an intuitive touchscreen.


  •  Polycom CX5100


The best feature about the Polycom CX5100 is the 360-degree camera that features active speaker tracking. It’s also a great fit for large rooms because of its 20-foot mic range and HD voice functionality. It is integrated with Skype for business and has Microsoft Teams compatibility. 


  • Polycom HDX 4000 series


This series combines unique innovations to deliver excellent communication. The HDX 4000 display provides vibrant colors and smooth movement control. The built-in microphones are able to hear remote participants while the speakers deliver exquisite audio quality, making interactions among participants very natural. It has a feature that allows different locations to be integrated into video conferences easily. The Polycom HDX 4000 series also contains powerful tools for content sharing to facilitate better collaboration. These include graphics, spreadsheet and multimedia files.


  • Polycom QDX 6000


The Polycom QDX 6000 strikes the perfect balance between quality, affordability, performance and simplicity. It exhibits outstanding performance even with low bandwidth and promises smooth and uninterrupted conferences across congested networks. It is easy to install and does not require a lot of expertise to operate. It has powerful content sharing capabilities and delivers life-like interactions between participants. It also has amazing audio clarity for clear communication. 


  • Polycom RealPresence Desktop


Suitable for both Windows and Mac OS, the RealPresence Desktop app is a powerful tool that extends video communications beyond the conference room setting to mobile users. It is easy to use, highly scalable and cost effective. It can easily be downloaded and installed from the internet and can be used in conjunction with a webcam. It is great for person-to-person calling or even multiparty conversations and is perfect for small and medium businesses.

Polycom is the leading provider of video conferencing equipment. If you are considering purchasing one, you can simply choose from their long list of high-quality products. 

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