Post-Pandemic Office Essentials To Get Back Up And Running

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While it’s important to ensure that your office is Covid-secure, it is also vital to ensure that your office remains productive and fit for purpose in a post-pandemic environment. It can be difficult to re-open your office when your staff team are so used to the flexibility and joy of working from home. To encourage your team back effectively, you need to ensure that your office is inspiring, modern and safe. To do this, you may need to have a revamp of the interior of the workplace before you welcome your employees back. Take a look at how your office can get back up and running.


office essentials decorIt may sound shallow, but the decor of your office is crucial to inspire your employees. If they are used to beige carpet tiles, a drafty window by their desk and some grubby walls in your workplace only to enjoy their own surroundings for the past three months when working from home, you need to whip out the white paint and get decorating. Install some inspiring local artwork, have some touches of greenery around the office, and swap the individual desktop booths for more collaborative working pods. Send out an email detailing the new decor features of the office and set a re-opening date. If you want to encourage your team back to work, you need to be more flexible and develop a new work/home agreement.

Decor also includes office furniture and hardware. If your staff have been sipping their favorite coffee on their luxury sofas while tapping away on their laptop, they won’t want to return to neck pain-inducing chairs. Opt for a business storage unit to keep your old furniture safe, and install some ergonomically designed chairs to facilitate greater productivity within your staff team.

Be Safe

The emergence of Covid-19 has made everyone reassess their existence and re-prioritize what is important to them. You might have been worried about making the largest profits possible, whereas now, staff well being takes priority. You need to focus on what is important to your employees as well. They will be less inclined to be productive if you haven’t shifted your business priorities.

office decor post pandemicLook around your office and ensure that every inch is Covid-secure. Ensure that you have PPE if it is necessary. Even a simple face mask will give confidence to your workforce. Have hand sanitizer stations throughout the office, remove the water cooler, and implement social distancing. If you have an office that can no longer hold all of your staff all at once, you need to consider a rota for office attendance. Put up screens and ensure your staff are sat back to back rather than face to face. By implementing these measures, you are showing your staff that you value them and that their health is of paramount importance to you.

Getting back up and running as a business may mean altering your working methods. Perhaps the office will no longer be the integral pin that holds your staff together. Working from home with all of the added virtual components has worked and can save any firms thousands in overheads. Follow this guide and you can get your business up and running in a post-pandemic world.

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