Pumping Up Your Creativity

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We have all been happily trying to work on a project, or come up with some new ideas and hit a wall. Being creative isn’t always easy. It can often feel like all of your creative juice as run dry, and you are never going to break through it. So when that happens, it pays to have a range of ideas that will help you boost your creativity. When you are working on creating new products and methods, you should make sure that you know it can be protected, IP lawyers can give you great information. 



When we meditate, we learn to control negative thoughts and be more in the moment. Silencing what is hectic and noisy in your life, and replacing it with calm and focused thoughts will make all the difference to your creative process. Not only that, but it will help with your inner calm. 


Although deadlines can be a good thing, the pressure that we put ourselves under can be crippling. It can be challenging to remove those expectations because goal setting and progress is often how we judge our success. If you find yourself saying things like ‘I should be able to do this’ or ‘Why can’t I do this?’. Then you need to consider changing your language. Instead, think ‘I should research more about how to do this because practice makes perfect,’ and ‘I am sure I can do this with a little more work.’ 


Many people swear by classical music to help them stay focused and relaxed while they are working on different projects. Scientists also believe that the brain functions better and become more creative when we listen to classical music. Albert Einstein attributes much of his creativity to listening to Mozart – and if it is good enough for him… well, it is probably good enough for you too. But, not everyone loves classical music, so you can create some playlists that get you fired up and ready for action. Think of the songs that you love and put them all into playlists that are a few hours long. 


Don’t sit and stare at your work for hours if it isn’t working out. You need to walk away. Consider heading out and getting some fresh air, a walk in the woods, or simply to your favorite coffee shop. Stretching your legs and getting the blood flowing is great for your brain. Couple that with your favorite drink and some fresh air, and it is a better recipe for creativity than staring at your screen without making progress. 


It is probably no surprise that when you are relaxed, you get more creative. When you are relaxing, you give your mind and body time to unwind and process what has been going on lately. Freeing up your mind and allowing it to wander, it will naturally begin to make connections that you hadn’t previously – simply because there is time to do it. You should choose something that you know relaxes you, hobbies like painting, playing a musical instrument, reading a book. Whatever it is, make sure you enjoy it. 

Write It 

You should try and get into the habit of writing your ideas down as soon as they appear. Keeping a notebook by your bed, one in your car, and an ideas notebook at your desk or workspace. If you want to keep your ideas in one place, then consider using Evernote or Google Docs and adding as you go. You can go through the list of ideas every time you need some inspiration. 


Knowing you are doing your best, and cutting yourself some slack is essential. Much like putting too much pressure on yourself. When you are continually picking your work, and yourself apart, that leads to a lot of negative energy. And you will, over time, limit the belief you have in yourself. Taking on less and less fun work and always being safe. So next time you catch yourself criticizing yourself and your work – nip it in the bud. And throw some positives your way. 


The best way to be more creative is to learn new things as often as you can. Languages, history of art, how to sew, or play an instrument. Or perhaps you want to go back to school and learn a whole new craft. Learning is one of the sure-fire ways to keep your creativity pumping for years. The more you know, the more connections your brain will make – producing more ideas. 

Creativity isn’t something that can be forced, but it can be nurtured. 

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