Quick Hacks To Generate Leads In Seconds

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leads hacks salesThere’s a reason people call it a sales pipeline. It’s because you can easily imagine a flow of leads moving through pipes to the very end when they pop out as paying customers. Similarly, it helps to describe what can happen when you stop generating leads. It’s like someone has turned off the tap in your home. No water flows through the pipes and comes out at the end. No leads flow down your pipeline, meaning no sales. 

You’ll quickly start to notice if your business isn’t making many sales. There’s no need to panic – at least, not just yet. Focus on lead generation to encourage the flow through the pipeline once more. You need people to contact, and these three ideas are the best places to start:

Run a competition

Use your social media platform and run a competition. Instantly, your followers become interested. Make them share your post, like it, and follow you. You could even put a link for people to click where they have to provide an email address to get contacted on if they win. Now, lots of people will start sharing your stuff, leading to more people finding it, following you, and providing contact details. Instantly, you have access to an influx of leads that you didn’t have before. The trick is to offer a good prize that’s relevant to your business. If you sell products, then offer them as prizes. This way, you have more chance of generated targeted leads as you’d like to think the people who enter the competition are interested in the products!

Offer something for free

Similarly, you can offer people something for free if they sign-up to your mailing list or provide contact details. This could be an eBook, a product sample, a trial, etc. Use your website and create a pop-up screen that comes on whenever someone visits. This means all your traffic will be aware of the freebie, making it more likely they’ll sign up for it. Again, you get targeted leads as these people are already visiting your site. You should share the link across your socials as well, to get a wider reach. 

Buy a lead list

If you really want to get some leads straight away, then one of the best tactics is to buy them. Sites like leadlists.com.au sell mailing lists that give you access to contact details of hundreds of people. Instantly, you can start contacting these leads and get them flowing down your sales pipeline. The best way to use these lists is to look at them if you have no time or your other tactics are failing. I know it costs money, but so will the other ideas! If you’re not generating leads through your competitions or offers, then you’re just wasting money on them. So, look for an alternative option to help drive more sales. 

Try all three of these tactics if you want to maximise the number of leads your business generates. This sets your sales pipeline in motion once more!

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