SEO, A Smart Move For Every Business

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If you work in a professional service such as an electrician or a plumber, chances are you rely on word-of-mouth for your recommendations as much as anything. Your website might be there as a kind of token gesture but who has time to update it, particularly if you’re working solo?

Saying that, you could always do with some more work, so you need a smart, quick and relatively easy plan to boost your brand and drive traffic to your website, turning visits into enquiries and ultimately jobs.

Having your name in the bright lights of Google is probably your best bet so you’re going to need some tips on upping your website’s searchability.

But having a Search Engine Optimised (SEO) website is just the beginning, you’ll also want to start thinking about an ad campaign and some possible marketing strategies. For now, though, let’s talk SEO.

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Having a website that screams about all your services and everything you do is the equivalent of hanging out a banner, like the ones provided by, outside your place of work. The right website and more specifically, the right content will let people know exactly who you are, what you offer and more importantly place you as a brand with quality on your side.

Be proactive

It can be pretty tempting to get your website up and then leave it to tick over but every Google and business expert across the internet will tell you that a functioning, regularly updated website is one that has much more chance of being picked up than a stagnant one.

So, you may need to go back to basics and have a look at how you can optimise your content. Do some research and spend some time learning about keywords. You don’t have to be an expert to get some of the basic knowledge under your belt and it certainly won’t hurt to put some of what you learn into practise.

The hard part will be monitoring your success. It might be that you do see some more leads coming through but what you really need to put in place are tools to record your website’s activity. How many people are visiting your pages, where they’re heading to and what they’re doing there? This will help you to better optimise key pages and help lead your visitors through to making an enquiry.

Invest in talent

If this all seems like a lot of hard work, it is, which is why, of course, many businesses employ someone to take care of this side of things for them. If you are serious about growth and want to use what you already have to greater effect, then it might be time to invest in some training for your staff or adding that role to your own portfolio. If that isn’t practical then hiring in a consultant can be money well spent.

Don’t just keep up with the competition, use your website and your ambition to power past them and harness SEO capabilities for your business.

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