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Serve The Business, Rather Than The Bills! Staying True To Your Company

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(This is a contributed post)

Developing a business means that we have to continually push it forward, and get it into new and exciting territories. But as our marketing dominates our thoughts, we may lose sight of the product. Is there a way that we can continue to focus on the core values of the business while also getting our business out there? Or is it something that’s impossible to achieve?

Focus On Your Audience

As we start to get greedy and think about putting our advertising on every conceivable social media platform, this may very well be doing our business a disservice. While there are ways for us to monetize our traffic, through an affiliate network or an external marketing agency, we still have to remember that, when doing these targeted adverts, they are for the target market. Once we figure out who our audience demographic is, we are able to make a more concentrated effort on pushing the products to the right people. Time and time again, businesses are in the belief that a mass communication approach is the best one. You are spreading yourself way too thin if you go down this route.

It’s All About The Brand

The brand is your personality. Once you understand the core values of the business, the marketing shouldn’t be so complex. When a business undergoes a rebranding, it’s usually to realize the values that have changed. Once you figure out what your business is all about, what it stands for, the marketing, the culture, and even the employees, become a logical extension of that vision. Learn how to determine the brand and you will be able to understand how to present yourself. Not just in terms of the marketing or the product, but how you present yourself as the leader of the company. In this day and age, where people are more switched on as to the ethics of a company, branding and personality have never been more important.

Remember Why You Are Doing This

When you are distracted by profit, it can be very easy to lose sight of the original reasons you were doing this in the first place. When a business becomes this separate entity, we can feel that we’ve got to do everything to serve its needs, whatever it takes. This means that we end up being focused on the finances; not the products, not the clients, and not even the customers or employees! When you lose track of your original vision, think back to why you were doing this in the first place. If you want to fulfill a specific need in society, and you feel that the product you are pushing is able to fill a gap, then it’s your inherent belief in what it can achieve that will see you through. When we are blindsided by money, are we doing everything for the benefit of our customers and employees?

We can lose our way, and as our business begins to earn more money, we start to believe that this is the overriding goal, but make sure that we serve the business, rather than the bills!



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