Startups That Don’t Cost The Earth


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Often we look at small startups that seem to come out of nowhere and wonder how we could ever make the transition from employee to entrepreneur. One of the main hurdles we face when choosing to go off on our own is start-up business financing.

Many startups will cost a lot of money to get off the ground and this stops many of us from making our dreams come true to be free once and for all. However, did you ever think about low cost career options?

Not all startups will cost the earth, and in fact, many startups are affordable and well within your reach. Here are just some of the businesses you can choose to start this year.

Doggie Daycare

If you love four legged furry friends, one great idea for a startup business is to offer your home as a daycare for dogs in your local area. This will allow people who work full time to leave their pet in your hands while they head to work, and you’ll have the chance to spend a whole day with a new friend! All you will need to get started is some dog food, water bowls, leads, and poo bags. Get started and immediately you’ll become a popular member of the community.

Sales Consultant

Companies such as Avon are always on the look out for people who will sell their items. As a sales consultant you will work for yourself and the amount of work you put into this will determine your profit.  All you need to do is pay for the brochures and walk around your local area to drop off and pick up catalogues!


Do you have green fingers? Don’t let them go to waste! If you love being in the garden and creating stunning designs, you can become a gardener and offer your services to people in your local area. This is a great business idea because you’ll soon have regular customers that you work for each and every week, and you’ll get to spend all day out in the fresh air doing something you enjoy.

Homemade treat

If you enjoy being in the kitchen, there is no reason why you cannot start a small business selling homemade foods. It can be anything from soups to cakes and even lunch boxes, and selling these in a local shop will allow you to gain a trusting customer base in no time. Garner that creativity and enjoy the process of making something fun and exciting in the kitchen. Once you have gained some revenue you can open your own store!


For those of you who have a lot of DIY skills and nowhere to put them, why not offer these skills to people in your local community? A handyman and decorator is always a great addition to a neighbourhood and you’ll be able to put your skills to work at your own pace doing something you enjoy.  All you will need is your own DIY tools to get started. 

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