The 4 People Every Startup Entrepreneur Needs

startup entrepreneur

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To embody the lifestyle of an entrepreneur, without letting the influx of woes from the business world break you. You need to find your group of people. It’s impossible to be in two places at any one time. It’s impossible to multi-task effectively. And it’s also impossible to do every task that arises within your business and do it well. Whether it’s tax returns, branding, or formal complaints; an entrepreneur who tries to accomplish everything is wasting their time and energy. For advice on who entrepreneurs should build connections with as they launch their business, here are 4 important people!


In fact, you needn’t limit yourself to one mentor. A few mentors with an array of experience could help you make informed, smart decisions in business. Whether avoiding costly mistakes or helping you to navigate tricky hurdles with the business arena. It could be a relative who has experience working within your field and/or maybe they’ve studied business or set up their own. Or perhaps it’s someone who works in banking that deals with the same kind of clients that you need to interact with daily. You don’t have to limit yourself to finding a mentor in your own industry. However, it does help if you recruit someone that works in the line of business that you do.


There is a lot more to your business accounts than tallying up your income and taking away your outgoings to figure out your profit. You need to pay tax correctly, and you need to manage your money so that there is enough to pay your employees on time. Which is why it’s wise to source an individual from professional Chartered Accountants firm. It’s also in your interests to have a comprehensive record of your company’s financial progress to date. This is to enable you to make future business decisions that avoid any costly mistakes.

Website Designer

No business in 2019, can possibly get away with not having the one thing that’s expected of all companies today, it’s the epicentre of your online presence, the website! Whether you’re a florist, you sell orchestra equipment or skydiving packages, a website is your online shop for everyone to see and hopefully find with ease. And so a website designer is essential. Although, be careful not to hire someone based solely on their ability to make a compelling visual design. This is because you need to ensure it incorporates SEO best practices and adhere to Google algorithms such as mobile optimization. 


There shall be on occasion matters of a legal nature, that are deemed out of your control. And so, having a lawyer that you’ve established a connection with is handy for your startup. For instance, you may encounter an issue deciding who owns the business. Or there may be an issue with the legal name of the company. An attorney can help you navigate difficult topics such as these, to enable you to get on with areas of the business that demand your presence.

Being a great entrepreneur means you understand the value of having other professionals work with you, to take care of the areas of the business that you can’t.

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