The Benefits of Adding a Watercooler to Your Office

Water coolers are one of those items that most of us don’t really think about. Either you use a watercooler every day and the experience has become routine and mundane, or you don’t use one at all and hadn’t even thought about it until you read this (you’re welcome).

But if you are a business owner or manager, you probably should think about water coolers, at least a little bit. While they might not seem like much, a water cooler can have a tangible and positive impact on a business’s operations. Let’s dive right in and take a look at how a new water cooler could make a real splash in your office.

It Encourages Communication

We’re all familiar with the typical office scene of workers huddled around the water cooler, sharing the latest gossip and discussing recent events on television and in the real world. As smartphones and social media have become commonplace, the water cooler has lost this allure.

However, while we might not think of them this way anymore, water coolers are still just as good as they have always been at facilitating communications and getting your employees talking to one another. Both social and professional communications are important among your staff. You don’t want your workers to stand around chatting all day, but in practice, this is unlikely. Giving your employees the opportunity to take short breaks and socialize together will help them relax and will ultimately make them more productive.

Happier and Healthier Workers

In addition to the benefits that come from socializing with their colleagues, your workers will also benefit from their increased water intake. Water constitutes more than half of our bodies and is involved in a number of essential processes. Without water, our blood would not be able to oxygenate our cells. Water is very important.

And yet, many of us don’t drink enough water during the day. Guidelines vary around the world as to how much water you should drink but, in simple terms, unless you go seriously overboard then you can’t really have too much water. Dehydration can be chronic or acute – you might be dehydrated today because it’s hot, or you might have been dehydrated for months because you haven’t been taking in enough water.

If our water levels are even a couple of percentage points off their optimal level, we suffer. Your workers who are experiencing chronic mild dehydration may well find that their overall health and wellbeing improves when you introduce a water cooler into the office.

Keep the Energy Up

One of the most prominent effects of chronic dehydration is increased fatigue. This can be mild enough that people don’t realize anything is wrong. However, even in these mild cases, individuals who go from being chronically dehydrated to properly hydrated will notice a difference.

You can get a plan commercial water cooler, or you could go to Bevi and get yourself a more exciting flavored water dispenser, maybe even an office sparkling water machine. As long as you are helping to make sure that your workers are relaxed, hydrated, and full of energy, you can’t go far wrong. Bevi has a wide selection of water dispensers to choose from, so have a look through their catalog to find the right product for your office.

Save Your Employees Money

Employees have a responsibility of care to their workers. You need to make water available to them. Some businesses offer employees either plain tap water or vending machines and cafeterias that charge for food and drink. A water cooler, on the other hand, provides your employees with free, and cool, water.

As we mentioned above, you can find sparkling water dispensers and flavored water coolers from companies like Bevi, so it’s not just plain old water you can offer your employees. They will no doubt appreciate the extra money in their pocket, even if it’s only a relatively small amount.


Forget plastic bottles; you can even eliminate plastic cups if you want to. In either case, your water cooler can make your office a greener office. Employees can reuse bottles and cups throughout the day. You can even use recyclable cups for added eco-points.

This is a great way of encouraging your workers to use your water cooler. It is also an excellent addition to any wider office or company-wide initiative to be greener. Being green isn’t just beneficial for our environment, it is also a smart business move.

Adding a water cooler to your office is a simple and relatively inexpensive step to take if you want to improve the overall health and wellbeing of your employees, while also encouraging them to be more productive. If your business is one that is built upon the ability of your workers to communicate with one another, your workers will definitely benefit from having a water cooler to congregate around.

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