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The Best Changes To Your Business You Can Make With An Eco Focus

(This is a contributed post)

There is such a focus on being more environmentally friendly that more and more businesses are looking at how they conduct business and making changes to become a little greener in their practices. However, not only do some of these changes have an impact on the environment but they can also save a business money in the long-term. 

The one thing that can be a huge stumbling block is exactly how you can make the changes within the business, what the impact will be, and whether any business practices need to be changed. Not to mention some of the bigger changes and smaller differences that you can make. Which is always worth thinking about. Could your own business be greener? With that question in mind, here are some of the ways it could be. 

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Think about the packaging you use for products

Packaging can be a huge cost to any business, but the more packaging you use, or the less recyclable material that is used, the less environmentally friendly your business is. This is when you may need to think of some of the ways that you can make some big changes to not only the major packaging of your item, but also how it may be delivered and packaged up to a customer. Saving on the amount of packaging that is used, and thy type. Other things would be the size of the box and what sort of material you use in general for all aspects of the packaging. You could look at using recyclable material, helping the consumer at the other end to be more responsible and recycle the unwanted materials once they have their product. 

Could you choose alternative delivery methods?

Perhaps you could consider alternative delivery methods. Offering a click and collect service in different locations like at your business or in local stores. You could also consider joining forces with delivery couriers who also have green practices. Maybe using hybrid vans or low emissions fleets to do their deliveries. There are so many different ways you can enhance the services, and there doesn’t need to be any additional cost to you as a business or to the customer. 

Replace outdated technology for more efficient alternatives

It’s a fact that older technology uses up more energy than more efficient models you can get today. So it might be worth replacing some of the older items you have for more energy efficient alternatives. You may think that this is an additional cost to your business, but the investment can be helpful in the long term with costs, but also saving you in terms of needing to keep on replacing items. Be sure to make sure that the older tech items you have are disposed of in the right way. You may find that lots of the parts are recyclable individually as well as finding companies that could offer up services to help you recycle your old technology appropriately.  

What about the area you do business in?

Sometimes you may need to think about the location in which you do business in whether or not moving to a different part of the country or area could help you to be more environmentally friendly. This might be in terms of being able to utilise solar energy, or even things like water power, wind farms etc. However, moving from one business location to another can be tough. This is when you may want the help of interstate furniture removalists to make the process a lot smoother. They can help with office furniture as well as packaging up technology, which helps to take the stress away. Making the move and using greener energy can be a be a huge cost saving when it comes to the outgoings. 

Think outside of the box

plumeIn addition to replacing older technology items you could also consider thinking outside of the box when it comes to other parts of your business. Buying used or vintage pieces of furniture instead of new items gives older pieces of furniture a new lease of life and saves them from the landfill. Things can be fixed, and it can also help you to style up the office space. While being environmentally friendly, you can use olde princes and s style feature to create the right sort of look for customers and clients that may be visiting you. 

Use greener alternatives within the business premises

There are other ways you can ensure that your business becomes more energy efficient. For example, in any business premises there is an element of lighting to think about. You could replace standard bulbs with LED ones that are far more energy efficient and could also save you some money on those electric bills. Other things to think about would be to ensure that you consider late erotica etc energy sources, or even businesses that offer up a greener service where you can help towards using recycled materials. Recycling is also important, and while it has already been discussed in terms of older technology, you might want to think about the benefits of it when it comes to general waste and office materials. Things such as paper and metal being disposed of in the right way, will help your business to do their part. This might mean encouraging new habits with your staff, which brings us to the next and final point. 

Encourage green habits

Finally, make sure you encourage green habits within your office. This might be encouraging staff to switch lights off at the end of the day, making the most of natural light where possible to avoid electric being used entirely, and also switching things off completely instead of leaving them on all night or on standby. Other things you can do is open the windows instead of using air conditioning systems. Often these small changes can make the biggest difference. 

Let’s hope that these suggestions will help you to make some changes to allow your business to be more environmentally friendly. 

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