Things To Consider When Renovating An Office

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One of the most fun parts of having a business is being able to buy and design your own work environment. We all have had bad experiences with office environments, from dark cubicles to dinghy blue carpets and grey walls. But once you take the plunge and build your own business you have the chance to build the business you have always wanted and an office you will be happy working in. 

Today we are going to go through some of the things you will want to consider when renovating and decorating your office for success. 

  1. Open plan or separate rooms?

renovating officeThe question of whether to build a totally open plan office versus having separate rooms really depends on your work culture as well as the type of business you are running. For example if working in the financial or banking sector, security dictates that you’ll need separate rooms where only authorised personnel can access information. However, if you are working as a marketing or creative company, an open plan space can be a wonderful idea. 

  1. Keep it warm… and ventilated 

When you renovate an office and work there with other people, there are bound to be some who like it hot and some who prefer it cold. When renovating your office make sure that the space has proper insulation throughout to avoid heat escaping, but be sure to install air con that can cool your office down on hot days. This will keep everyone happy and comfortable and will also save you some money on your heating bill. 

  1. Energy usage

Speaking of the heating bill, as a business owner a huge selling point for you should be the eco-friendliness and economy of features. This means getting a thermostat that can be monitored and turned off at night, getting motion sensing lights for bathrooms and corridors, and installing solar panels to the roof if you have a roof space to work with. All of these things can save you money and make a difference to the eco-friendliness of your business. 

  1. Allow customisation

When employees come to work and spend 5 days a week in the office, it needs to be comfortable and it will need to feel like home. For many, being able to hang art or customise their workspace can make a huge difference to productivity and mood. Allow every employee to customise their own workspace and decorate it in a way that makes them happy. This will improve overall morale in your office and makes a big difference to productivity. 

  1. Make it colourful


Grey walls are the most depressing thing in the world, and there is no reason why you should have grey walls surrounding your employees day after day. Ditch the grey and look for some fun ways to add colour and light to the space. If your office is fairly small you may want to keep the walls themselves a bright white, and you can instead paint the ceiling a bright colour such as yellow or blue. You can also take a look online on Pinterest for inspiration, and consider ombré walls or geometric patterns. Have fun with this and think of it as a canvas for your art. Colour stimulates the mind and can actually improve efficiency in the office. 

  1. Bring in light

Natural light is your best friend. Sunlight can life the mood and make people feel more awake, and this is why you should bring as much as possible into your office this year. Install floor to ceiling windows where you can and even consider skylights if you are able. Get as much light into the space as you can and it will make a massive difference. 

  1. Get arty

One great way to personalise an office and make it feel like a team effort is to create a gallery wall with artwork from every member of staff. Staff could choose a photo they love, a piece of art, a poster, or anything else and hang it on a screw anchor on the wall. It will be a good laugh every time people pass it and brings a whole new level of fun and personality to the space. 

  1. Create an outdoor space

Whether you have a garden outside the office or you only have access to a balcony, fresh air is important. Plant some flowers or fragranced herbs outside and allow people to head out for fresh air when they need to during the day. This is a great thing and will positively impact your business. 

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