Tips to motivate your employees to work harder

Employees are the driving force of any business. As a business owner, you are aware of the fact that the existence of your business is dependent on your employees. Yes, how you treat your employees determines how they treat your business. Part of treating them well includes motivating them. Wondering how to go about it? Learn some tips below on how to motivate your employees to work harder and enjoy a healthy thriving business 

Learn to listen to your employees

employees engagementIf you want your employees to work harder, then you should start practicing the art of listening. Listen to them when they have new suggestions when they need appraisals and even when they have problems. When you listen, you will establish the problem beforehand and solve it so as not to affect their work. When employees know that their needs are heard, they work much harder. Again remember how you treat them when they come to you, impact how they treat your customers. 

Invest in strategic employee onboarding

Statistics show that a robust employee onboarding process increases productivity. Think of it like this, when a new employee lacks the knowledge or skills needed to perform the job, nothing gets done. Additionally, when he/she continually feels like an outsider, productivity is curtailed. Onboarding allows employees to learn new skills, knowledge, and behaviors to become effective organizational members. In fact, there are sophisticated onboarding platforms that allow easy communication between employers and new hires. Now, you can get the job done faster with this platform that’s helping businesses give their talent a better experience during recruitment. You can do things like importing your recruitment data and using it to start onboarding. The platform also makes it so easy to give your new talent a lovely welcome to the team, plus you can assign them authentication keys faster, among others. 

Maintain open communication

Open communication goes beyond the conventional communication system. It is creating a two -way communication system where all parties in an organization can express their ideas and concerns to one another. Enabling an environment where employees feel heard and get equal participation in matters of the organization that affect them. Employees through this system have a good understanding of the goals and expectations of the job. This allows the flow of energy and creativity. It motivates employees to work harder and bring out the best in their work. 

Work on your organization’s culture and environment

Organizational culture includes organizational behavior, work methods, employee interaction, and structures. These factors play a significant role in creating a sense of belonging. When an employee feels valued and respected, they gain a sense of identification and loyalty to your company and stirs productivity. Motivate your employees by creating a safe environment where they can de-stress, relax, and bounce back from tough work demands. Think of break rooms, gym spaces and game rooms as spaces where employees can reenergize and be more productive

Try giving additional responsibilities

Doing repetitive work can be monotonous and boring. Motivate your employees by giving them new tasks or added responsibilities that will push them out of their comfort zone. Employees become engaged when they know that they have to work on developing new skills to perform their jobs effectively. Managers should learn to be more entrusting the employees. For instance, instead of leading the team meeting, entrust it to one of your staff, allow them to lead pitches when out for a product meting or asking them to conduct training for new staff. New responsibilities enable employees to feel confident and responsible. Ultimately these activities engage them and make them more productive.


We all know incentives works when it comes to motivating employees. Incentives allow your staff to stay satisfied and productive. It doesn’t necessarily need to be a salary raise. It could be in the form of bonuses, rewarding best-performing employees in every department, giving scholarships, or paying for training. Employees thrive to do more when they know they are recognized and appreciated for the work they put in. Providing perks allows you to retain skillful talent. It fosters commitment and loyalty to your organization. In a way, if they receive other offers, they will choose to stay committed to you. 


This is an excellent tip for managers, supervisors, and team leaders. It is always very demotivating for employees when they know that they do all the work, and you take a back seat and enjoy all the glory. If you want your employees to stay motivated, try working with them. Moving away from the traditional manager-employee model of giving orders, commands, and doing nothing is a big step towards productivity. Take time to interact with your staff, understand their challenges, and offer to do the work with them and sit back and enjoy the benefits.

Final thoughts

The tips shared above have proven to work in virtually any type of business! Sadly, most companies are not keen on treating employees as one of their greatest assets. In today’s challenging and dynamic business environments, investing in your employees paramount for the success of your business. Try these tips and enjoy the myriad of benefits that come with it. 

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