Using Poly Video OS with Microsoft Teams

Poly video OS can help you get the most out of your meetings by offering easy installation procedures, easy management, and easy-to-use features. In 2019, Plantronics acquired Polycom giving birth to the company known as Poly. The acquisition allows Poly to have legendary audio expertise combined with a powerful video and content sharing ability. This combination has enabled Poly to bridge the gap between conferencing platforms regardless of the space you work in. Read on to find out more about using Poly video OS with Microsoft Teams.

1. Collaborative Capability

The Microsoft Team is a primary audiovisual and communication specialist. A partnership with Poly has provided access to a wide range of meeting room solutions that enhance collaborative collaboration with clients. The Microsoft Team can now deliver an unparalleled audio-conferencing solution in both huddle spaces and executive offices. The video conferencing also suits those who use MS Teams or Zoom Rooms.

2. Interoperability

When it comes to meeting room systems, the ability of software to exchange and make use of information is critical. Clients need the comfort of walking into a meeting room and interacting with a conferencing system that is easy to use. This saves time, optimizes the meeting room, and prevents frustrations. Working with Poly and Zoom has ensured Microsoft Teams that no matter how or where the client is, it is possible to have a native conferencing experience. A client can experience the highest audio and video quality level whether they are on the road, office, or conference room.

3. Android and Windows

Poly’s software has improved the android based operating system used by Microsoft Teams Rooms. The Microsoft Teams interface on Poly’s android devices now closely resembles the Microsoft Teams interface you see on windows. As such, you can now get a detailed and engaging meeting with one-touch controls. The Microsoft Teams Rooms expect a high demand as businesses continue to shift into a hybrid workforce. Most companies want to use high efficient tools for virtual collaboration. However, the collaboration of Poly and Microsoft Teams provides organizations with the highest collaboration. As such, if the Microsoft Teams Room seems right for you, consider trying Poly’s Microsoft Teams solutions.

4. Devices

The devices currently running on Poly’s android operating software include the G7500, Studio x50, and Studio x30. Studio x50 is ideal for a small to a medium conference room with a maximum of 10 participants. This device was upgraded to a 5x zoom 4k auto-tracking camera and 3x MEMs + 2x 2n order microphone array. The Studio X50 also supports dual monitors. The G7500 series is ideal for all kinds of rooms, from huddles to large rooms. The Studio x30 is ideal for personal workspaces or huddle rooms with a maximum of up to 6 participants. This device comes with 4k and has an auto-tracking camera with 4x zoom and three MEMS microphone arrays. For the best experience, buy poly products online at

Poly provides meeting solutions for every size space, from desktop to boardroom.

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