Why does tape matter to a shipping business?

Proper packaging plays a vital role in protecting items in the shipping industry and during the shipment process.  But selecting the right type of tape for your purpose could be a challenge. The tape you choose should be capable of sealing the packages or provide reinforcement. Most of the tapes feature fibers and additional strapping that makes the tape an important item to shipping companies. Tapes are affordable, and remain the best option for sealing and securing boxes before they are shipped.

Paper tape comes in many grades to give you a choice depending on the job at hand. Also, shipping companies have the paper and the plastic tape to select from. They can choose the heavy duty tape or colorful shipping. So choosing the right tape for the job at hand is important. Here are some of the reasons why tapes from Elitetape Company Matter.

  1. Quickly bonds with the package

packaging parcelWhen a tight seal is required, a water-activated tape could come in handy. It can penetrate any surface of a parcel and bond the tape onto the surface. The water-activated tape creates a tight seal to ensure that the box does not open while the unit is on transit. It can be a good option for anyone looking for a good and secure sealing solution. Also, it offers a strong and tight seal that is highly bonded.

  1. They are easy to use

Plastic adhesive tapes do not require any special equipment. They are pressure-sensitive, easy to use, and reliable. The tape matters a lot to the shipping company because it is pressure sensitive and can be stuck on boxes. What’s more is that the plastic tapes can be applied to mailers and put to many other uses compared to other types of tapes?

  1. They can be applied to a variety of packages

Plastic and Adhesive tape paper play an essential role in the shipping industry. For instance, paper mart could be relied on to accomplish all your packaging needs. They come in a variety, including the types which can effectively be used in packaging fragile items. The filament type could also be used to reinforce the fiberglass strands. This can be done by cutting the filament tape. When used, it ensures that the package is secure and will make obvious any tampering attempts.

  1. They are eco-friendly.

In this time and era, every business is working hard to reduce the amount of pollutants they release into the atmosphere. The shipping industry is not left behind on this front. It relies and uses the water-activated tape that is environmentally friendly. The tape is biodegradable and does not pollute the environment. Also, it offers a strong seal and so reduces the amount of tape that is to be used on each parcel. This is an additional benefit to companies that are cutting down on cost.

  1. Protects fragile items

packing tapeThe printed tape is an important item to all shipping companies. Items that are perishable, fragile, and time-sensitive can be packaged in boxes and sealed. It goes a long way to protecting them from damage. When the tape is used, it informs the handler that the product is fragile and must be moved with care.

  1. Can be customized

Most shipping companies prefer using items that can be customized for their brands. Thus, they prefer custom tapes because they can easily be customized and used to promote their brands. It helps to improve awareness. It also helps to achieve cohesive images and to make products from the same company identifiable.

  1. They are decorative

Other than holding grouped items together, tapes could be used to secure and fasten items designated for shipping. The tapes come in a variety of colors and can be applied on any surface. Besides, they can be removed without sticking or damaging the surface. Also, the tape does not stick on the fabric but will work well for items that will require some long haul. Choosing the right tape adds color and style to the surfaces while ensuring that they are safe.

Of course, there are plenty of other reasons that make a tape an essential item to a shipping company. But securing the boxes together and protecting them are the most important aspects. Also, some companies use tapes for promotional and anesthetic reasons. It can be used in an extremely hot or cold environment. Tapes can withstand heat and dirt as well. Indeed, a tape is an essential item in the shipping industry.

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