10 Tasks Worth Outsourcing In Business


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Outsourcing involves hiring another company to take care of a task. In business, it’s a popular way of freeing up time spent on tasks that may be complex or time-consuming. Nowadays, you can outsource pretty much any task from writing blog posts to answering the phone. Whilst you can benefit from delegating all of these tasks to out-of-house professionals, there are certain essential tasks should be prioritised when it comes to choosing which tasks to outsource. Here are just ten business tasks that you should consider outsourcing.


Recruiting new employees can be a time-consuming process. Most employers don’t have the time to really search for the best talent out there, which is where a recruitment agency like Recruiterie can come in use. Companies looking for low-skill entry level jobs may not benefit as much from these services – you’re probably just as well saving your money and using free job ad sites. However, when it comes to finding skilled individuals for niche roles, such agencies can help to do a much more extensive search that can help to filter out all the unwanted applicants. You shop around to find a recruitment agency with a good reputation and fees within your budget.


Keeping accurate records of taxes and expenses is important for all business owners – an error could result in costly fines. It’s for this reason that many companies choose to outsource an accountant. If you own a small solo business and are able to easily keep track of your sales and expenses, you may not need an accountant and may be able to get by simply using accounting software. However, for most other businesses, outsourcing an accountant can be beneficial by helping to eliminate a task that can often require a lot of time and focus. When choosing an accountant, read testimonials and check that they are chartered.

Financial advice

The financial world of business can be complex. Whilst you can gain financial advice from reading books and information on the web, outsourcing a financial advisor could allow you to receive more personalised advice catered to your financial situation. Financial advisors are useful when making big financial decisions in business such as funding a startup, taking on employees, expanding, selling a business or avoiding bankruptcy, however you can hire their services for general financial business advice. Many charge by the hour – look out for advisors specialised in your area of business.

Legal advice

As with the financial side of business, the legal side of business can be just as confusing and can often require outsourcing advice. Business legal firms can often help with everything from defending against claims to implementing health and safety measures to writing legally-tight contracts. Most legal advisors similarly charge on an hourly basis and it can be worth finding a solicitor that specialises in your area of trade.

IT consultancy

It can also be worth outsourcing advice when it comes IT strategic planning. Whilst you can find lots of sources online offering advice on business technology, outsourcing an IT consultants can allow you to receive more personalised advice when it comes to specific software and machinery that you should be using. Whilst some IT consultants charge for hourly sessions, others may charge a monthly fee that allows you to contact them whenever you need them regarding an IT problem. This could help you to solve tech-related problems in a timely fashion.  

Website development

Website development is also a task worth outsourcing. Whilst there are free website builders out there that require no coding knowledge to use, these are generally suited only to small startups – having a website designed from scratch can often look more professional than a WordPress-based template site. The cost of designing a website can vary depending on how complex you want your site to look. As well as website development, you could also consider looking into app development.

Graphic design

Designing graphics is also a task that you don’t want to be doing yourself unless qualified. Whether you’re designing a company logo, creating shop signage or printing off flyers, you should consider hiring a graphic designer. Many graphic design companies specialise in certain areas such as vehicle signage or packaging, so make sure to find a company that suits your needs.


Investing in SEO is important for improving your search engine rankings, allowing more visitors to stumble across your site. SEO isn’t something that you can easily DIY and so it pays to outsource an SEO company. When choosing an SEO company, read reviews and shop around for quotes to help find a company suited to your budget. There are digital marketing companies that can offer other services as well as SEO such as social media marketing and content marketing, which you may see as beneficial if you’re not particularly digitally savvy. 

Companies like Hello Digital offer price plans so you can get the best service for your budget. While SEO might seem like a task that you learn once and move on, it can change very subtly over time. If you don’t have the time to have a member of your team to focus on this, you need to outsource it.


PR companies specialise in building media attention for companies. If you want to build up reviews of your product or you want to get your company featured in your local newspaper, it could be worth hiring a PR company. Whilst this is a job you can do yourself, it can be time-consuming, plus PR companies tend to have better connections making it easier for them to secure coverage. The cost of PR is likely to depend on the length of your campaign.

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning and maintenance are two tasks that can get easily overlooked. Keep your work premises clean is important – especially if you regularly have customers coming into your premises. Cleaning can be time-consuming work and most companies find it beneficial to hire a cleaning company to take away the stress. As for maintenance work such as electrics and plumbing, this can often require specialised expertise making it also worth outsourcing. You should always read reviews before hiring these services and you should check for insurance and licensing.


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