5 Tips to Boost Your B2B Email Marketing

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Email marketing is an effective tool for reaching out to potential customers online. It’s a cost-effective way to promote your brand and advertise your products or services. Business to business (B2B) email marketing is a different kettle of fish, however. Business clients are a little more discerning and rational. They also might not be as drawn in by a lower price or discount. You need to create clear content and a snappy subject line to really get their attention. Here are five tips to help you boost your B2B marketing.

Be client focussed

newsletter marketingThere are different types of business clients you may have and this depends on the type of products or service you provide. You might supply materials for businesses to make their own products, or sell equipment for them to use. Alternatively, you might offer consultancy or another type of service. It’s important in each case to focus on the client’s individual needs and target your emails towards these. Here are some B2B email marketing examples to give you an idea.

Get the title and subject line right

One of the most important email marketing tips is to get the title and subject line right. These are what will or won’t entice your client to open and read your email. The subject line will appear in their inbox so this probably the first thing they will see. You need to word this in a way that encourages them to want to learn more. The title also needs to be snappy in order to draw their attention.

Clear content

If you want to make a good impression, you need to create clear and concise content. Don’t make it confusing or difficult to read. Be minimalistic and use formatting to help you such as bullet points and a strong call to action. Be consistent in your branding as well. Mirror the branding and design from your website’s landing page. This will help develop brand recognition and make your business appear more legitimate.

Avoid the spam folder

Speaking of appearing legitimate, one of the most important things to do is make sure you avoid the spam folder. You can do this by authenticating your domain, for example. You want your emails to appear friendly and official rather than malicious or spammy. There are also tools you can use to monitor your sender reputation, to see where your emails are actually ending up. You can then take the necessary steps to improve this.

Outsource to a digital marketing agency

If you would like more insight on email marketing and other digital marketing strategies, you could enlist the help of an agency. They will be able to give you more tips on how to boost your B2B campaign. Email marketing to businesses is a little more challenging than emailing customers. It’s a good idea to get professional help and advice. With a few tips and tricks of the trade, you’ll be able to draw in more business with an improved email marketing strategy. 

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