5 Ways to Recruit for Your HR Business

Expanding your team can be a time-consuming process.  You need to create an accurate job specification, have a clear idea as to what you need in terms of skills and experience, and that’s just the start of it.  Then the actual recruitment begins. Here we list some of the most effective ways you can recruit good candidates.

Post on Local Job Sites                                                 

This is an obvious one, but there are lots of local job sites you can post jobs on.  There are also lots of different packages that are available to choose from depending on whether you simply want the ad just to be posted or a fully managed service. 

You can also speak to an adviser to go over the solution that will best suit your business.  On some job sites, you can also ask any prospective candidates to do a quick online test that will help you weed out people at an early stage that may not be suitable.

Post on Social Media Channels

LinkedIn is a great source of recruitment.  As well as being able to post your job there – it can also act as a good headhunting tool. You can search for people who are currently looking for opportunities or find people with relevant skills and expertise and contact them.  You can also post your job on Facebook and they can apply directly from that social media channel for ease.  

Advertise on your Website

recruit HRNever underestimate the power of posting the job on your website.  You never know who may come across it, and they can contact you directly.  The added bonus is, if someone applies for a job via this channel – they are already researching your company and have an interest in it.  It also portrays a good image of a growing company that is gaining success to any prospective clients.

Outsource to a Recruitment Agency

With HR – it can be a little trickier to find a suitable candidate, as they need to be up to date with certain laws and legislation depending on the role.  An HR staffing agency may be an option to consider.  By doing this, you are outsourcing to the experts – and will only get quality candidates through.  A contract recruiter can also help with temporary staffing solutions that could make your life easier.  

Ask Friends and Relatives

This is something that people tend to leave out but can be one of the best methods of recruitment. If you haven’t already let your friends or relatives know that you are looking to join your team – make sure you communicate it to them.  It could be that they have someone within their contact sphere that could be suitable for the position. Not only that, but they are also more likely to come with a positive recommendation.  

If you are looking to recruit for your HR business – but not sure what is the best method for you, hopefully we have given you some ideas. 

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