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A Happy Camp Is A More Productive One: Ensuring Everyone Is Content In The Workplace

(This is a contributed post)

happy workplaceYou know full well that you work best when your head is screwed on properly. When things are bugging you, or you’re a little too worked up about something, you go so much slower. The right headspace is key to getting things done. Some people can work through stress and intrusive thoughts, but they’ll eventually be brought to a halt after being trapped in their own head.

That said, if you’ve just launched a business or you’re the team leader in a particular workplace, you need to have all of the people under you performing properly. You can teach them everything, or you can hire competent people, but if they’re not doing too well in terms of concentration and mental state, then productivity is going to be lowered.

What can you do around the office, warehouse, etc. to make things a little better, though? Well, there are lots of different ways of upping the morale in the camp, fortunately. Because there are so many different people on this planet with different ways of doing things, there’s no set way of attacking this challenge. Here are some ways that might help everyone out, however: 

Play With The Aesthetics

What somebody sees can directly affect their entire mood. You know this already, though. If you walk into a dour and miserable environment, then you’re not exactly going to be filled with the most exciting emotions. You might sometimes, but it won’t be a consistent thing. If you have fairly boring colours, perhaps just brightening things up a little in terms might change a few moods. You could also turn the reception area into a more welcoming and pleasant one – if you have a good start to the day, then the chances are that the rest of the day will be positive.

Keep The Area Clean

This is pretty obvious, but some working areas focus so heavily on the job they have at hand, that they don’t take into account the area(s) around them. Imagine having to get certain work in at particular deadlines while dirt, muck, and dust are constantly invading your personal space – it’s not a great image. If you can’t organize a system whereby each staff member helps out a little, then you could hire an office cleaning firm or something like that to come in and work around you all.

Make Sure The Atmosphere’s Right

The feeling of an area makes such a big difference to people’s moods. Whatever the situation: be it a party, a sporting event, work, or anything else – the atmosphere matters. A way to make the place feel a lot nicer is to introduce things like air fresheners and other nice-smelling products. Candles are a big hit in workplaces and homes alike. Make sure that the air con is fully functioning, too. People can get very cranky when it’s hot and humid.

Spread Positive Vibes

Finally, just try to create a happy-go-lucky group by being happy-go-lucky yourself. People react to the stimuli around them, so if you’re full of positive energy, then everyone else will be too. It’s a fairly simple idea, but the stress you might have yourself could hinder that kind of behaviour. Make sure you at least try to be a smiley, charismatic leader.  

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