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Happy Hot Desking – Tips For Working Efficiently In A Shared Space

While not everyone has taken to the coworking phenomenon just yet, more Australian entrepreneurs and startups are using these spaces for the abundance of benefits they provide. Hot desking is a specific type of package option that many coworking space providers offer. 

There are many hot desking benefits you may want to consider, one of the largest of these is the affordable price.

If you are new to the concept of hot desking, however, it makes sense to learn a little about etiquette and how to maximise your productivity while working in a shared space. With some background and preparation, you will be able to function with confidence in your coworking location of choice and get right down to business.

Let’s take a closer look at some specific tips for working efficiently in a shared space.

Own The Space

hot deskWhile working in a shared space is one thing, hot desking adds more flexibility to the mix. The working routines of your office might take on a specific form, but hot desking implies that desks are distributed on a first-come, first-served basis.

One of the best ways to get down to business is to establish yourself at your desk each morning, or evening, depending on how you work. Bring small items to personalise your space even if you need to remove these at the end of the day. Keeping things tidy and organised as you work will also allow you to function effectively throughout your working hours.

Be Courteous

Nothing can kill your efficiency more than loud neighbours in a shared working space. In this regard, the last thing you should want is to be responsible for your colleagues’ loss of productivity. The increasing popularity of coworking spaces has naturally led to some bad experiences so be sure to make your hot desking environment a positive one.

Be courteous and considerate of your neighbours and they will, hopefully, act similarly towards you. Contributing to a harmonious and well-oiled coworking environment can go a long way towards establishing an office culture that is geared towards maximising productivity. If you are having trouble keeping yourself accountable with your productivity, you might even consider asking a colleague in your coworking space to help you with this. Some outside help with self-discipline will keep you on track to getting things done.

Stay Fueled

Efficiency is largely measured by your ability to output quality work in a given amount of time. If you want to maintain a steady pace throughout the day, make sure to take regular breaks and enjoy some time in the coworking lounge space. Unwinding with the like-minded entrepreneurs in your office can be a great way to generate new ideas or to get a new perspective on something you are stuck on.

Premium coworking providers also offer complimentary beverages on an unlimited basis. Enjoy coffee, tea, or water throughout the day to keep your mind and body feeling fit and ready to work. As an added health tip, be sure to wash your hands frequently throughout the day. While this goes for working in any office environment, shared office spaces can quickly spread germs between colleagues. Avoid losing any productivity due to sick days and do your best to stay fit to work.

Enjoy Your Hot Desking Experience

Whether you are working out of a coworking space temporarily or as part of a longer-term plan, make sure to enjoy the time you spend in the environment. Take the opportunity to meet new people, make new contacts, and be productive to give your freelancing work or startup the boost it needs to succeed.

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