Things To Consider When Running A Small Resturant Business

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Every type of business has different requirements when it comes to staffing, equipment and facilities. But for some types of business, there are similarities in what you should be considering. In the restaurant industry there a few things that you need to consider in order to have things run smoothly. 

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The hub of the restaurant is the kitchen so it’s important to make sure this area gets the attention it deserves. It’s not only going to be the place where you create wonderful dishes but it will be used to store food products. Items such as a refrigerator, freezer, an oven, a grill, stoves, sinks, clean counters, food processors and a dishwashing area are all essential to the running and making of a good kitchen.  


Staff members are necessary to be able to run a restaurant, typically a small restaurant will employ at least two people to serve customers and make some food but this can obviously grow to considerable sized teams. Restaurant staff members wash dishes, take customer orders, make food, serve the food and process payments. It’s important that you create some sort of a training programme and have a dedicated front of the house.

Licenses and Permits

Probably one of the most important areas to think about when it comes to making sure you’re successful and provide the best quality service is to make sure you research and have the right licenses and permits. Restaurants are regulated for public-health purposes ad there’s a good reason behind it. You need to make sure you get the relevant paperwork such as food hygiene certificates or alcohol licenses and then you need to clearly display these. 


Before you even open your doors you need to ensure that you have a reliable method of taking payments from your customers. Whether this is cash, card or cheque you need to think about running a restaurant sales system and what it’s going to entail. You need to think about things such as staff training with any equipment, your customer’s preferences, the running costs and how you are going to store money on site. 

Dining Area

The people who are visiting your restaurant are going to need somewhere to dine and enjoy the food you have on offer so it’s important to think about the dining area. When considering this you should think about what sort of dining options you have on offer and try to match your seating area with this. If you’re offering a family-focused menu then a family dining would be best. If you’re providing fine dining then think about offering tables that seat to people for romantic meals out and have a luxury design. Bear in mind that your dining area design will also cross over into other areas of the business such as what plates, cutlery and even napkins you will be using. 


The menu should be considered as a really important area for any restaurant business, it’s the area of the business that shows it’s customer what you’re able to offer, alongside the service and quality of course. The menu is the place to showcase starter, mains, desserts and drinks that are available along with the prices. It’s something that every single person is going to use in order to place their order so it’s important that they are clear, good quality and long lasting. It’s also important to make sure that your staff are adequately trained on the items that are included on the menu and understand and terminology used. 

These are by no means everything that you should be considering when running a small restaurant, just a few to get you started. Do you have any others that you think should be on the list? Please share them in the comments below. 


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